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The OnePlus 9 and Find X3 series to beat Apple and Samsung again with the first 'billion-color' phones

The OnePlus 9 and Find X3 series may be the first 'billion-color' phones, here's why
UPDATE:The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are now official with Snapdragon 888 chips, super-fast charging, and cameras made in partnership with Hasselblad. You can learn more about them at the links below:

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OnePlus already teased an event announcement date for its 9 series of phones, while Oppo went with a direct Find X3 line unveiling date, and both are set for next week - March 8 and March 11 - respectively. 

Given how the two companies merged their R&D departments recently, the great set of promises that Oppo sent us regarding the Find X3 Pro may very well trickle down to the OnePlus 9 models, just as it happened with the Find X2 and OnePlus 8 models last year. Chief among those promises is that these new lines from Oppo and OnePlus would include 'billion-color' phones.

The first end-to-end billion color solution on a phone

Remember the awesome 6.7" 1440p display of the OnePlus 8 Pro and Find X2 Pro that last year managed to beat both Samsung and Apple as the best mobile screen out there, introducing variable 120Hz refresh rate at the full 1440p resolution before it was cool?

Well, Oppo promised us that the Find X3 Pro would have an even better display when it launches some time this month. What could be better than granular refresh rate adjustments at the full resolution, near-perfect factory calibration, high brightness, and 10-bit dynamic range capabilities? Why, all of that, and an end-to-end billion-color solution for capturing, encoding, storing, decoding, and displaying HDR10+ content, teases Oppo: 

It seems that the Find X3 series will include the first phone to do end-to-end wide-color management, and we hope that next week OnePlus will tease that this technology will trickle down to the 9 series as well, shared parent company and all. 

Granted, the S21 and iPhone 12 series already have 10-bit color capture and display, but Oppo's painstaking Full-path Colour Management System solution could prove the superior approach here, so we can't wait to take the new phones for a spin.

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