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Existing T-Mobile customers are getting yet another chance to score a free line (with strings)

Existing T-Mobile customers are getting yet another chance to score a free line (with strings)
Never one to rest on its laurels and wait for those always important subscriber numbers to grow by themselves, T-Mobile is gearing up to launch yet another sweet "free line" promotion. According to a leaked internal document that's almost certainly legit, the latest such deal will be available starting tomorrow, March 5, with an end date that's likely to remain under wraps even after the official debut of this special offer.

Incredibly enough, tomorrow's move will come less than a couple of weeks on the heels of not one but two new 5G plans guaranteed to blow T-Mobile's competition out of the water.

Before getting too excited, you may want to note new T-Mo customers are excluded this time around, which is somewhat unusual... to say the least. Basically, the "Un-carrier" is swimming against the industry tide here by making an effort to keep its existing subscribers happy instead of exclusively chasing new "recruits."

Of course, there are a number of other exclusions and limitations to consider for current Magenta users as well, starting with the key requirement for an active account as of March 3, 2021 with at least two paid voice lines. That means it's too late to open a new account now and take advantage of the aptly titled "2021 Buy One, Get One Voice Add a Line for Existing Customers" promo from March 5.


On the bright side, the "2021 Get a 3rd Voice Line On Us with Magenta" offer is still available for new customers joining the nation's second-largest mobile network operator by first paying two "qualifying" lines.

Speaking of qualifying lines, it's important to highlight that existing subscribers on a bunch of different plans will not be eligible for a free line of service even if they're already paying for two such lines. Specifically, the Subsidy, Value Essentials, Military, 55+, First Responder, Amplified, Select Choice, and No Credit Check (NCC) plans are excluded, which largely coincides with the terms and conditions of various similar promotions from the not-so-distant past.

It's also worth pointing out that the hot new deal, which remember is not live yet, can be combined with many other previous offers, including all four (!!!) of T-Mobile's "Line On Us" promos from 2020 alone

One key requirement that's different now compared to those four killer deals from last year is that, in addition to your two (or more) existing lines, you'll need to pay for a third one before getting a fourth on the house (via monthly bill credits). And no, you can't cancel an existing voice line with the "intention of replacing it with a newly activated voice line to take advantage of this offer", nor can you treat lines cancelled within the past 90 days as "new activations for the purpose of adding a free line for this offer."

All in all, the list of special conditions, requirements, and exclusions is a bit lengthier than usual, but at the end of the day, existing T-Mobile customers can still be pleased about the treatment they so frequently receive from their wireless service provider compared to the pretty much non-existent deals available at the competition on similar terms.

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