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T-Mobile blows Verizon out of the water with a new maxed-out 5G plan

T-Mobile blows Verizon out of the water with a new maxed-out 5G plan
Just in case it wasn't already abundantly clear how serious T-Mobile is about its ambitious goals of overtaking Verizon in terms of subscriber numbers as soon as possible after doing that to AT&T in the wake of its Sprint acquisition, the "Un-carrier" is "un-leashing 5G like no one else" with several big new plan changes.

First and foremost, the already phenomenal Magenta Plus option is set to make way for a completely maxed out plan fittingly named Magenta Max this Wednesday, February 24. Starting then, both consumers and small businesses will be able to get not only unlimited talk, text, and "regular" data, but also unlimited "premium" data for as little as $47 a line a month.

No limits, no caps, no speed bumps

In case you're not familiar with the usual wireless industry lingo, premium data refers to the highest speeds available on any given network, which operators (T-Mo included) often throttle during so-called times of "congestion." The aforementioned Magenta Plus plan, for instance, currently comes with a 50GB monthly premium data bucket, which means that customers who go above that number could see a drastic reduction in their download speeds.

With Magenta Max, that will no longer be the case, which is obviously yet another way to highlight T-Mo's superiority over the competition in terms of both value for money and 5G resources. That's right, both 4G LTE and 5G services are covered by the "Un-carrier's" latest unlimited everything offer so you can truly consume as much data as you want wherever you are without worrying about "deprioritization", aka downgraded speeds in network congestion times.

Naturally, the aforementioned $47 monthly rate comes with several special conditions and strings attached, most notably requiring three lines with autopay. You'll also have to hurry and take advantage of a "limited-time" deal slashing $10 off the regular $57 price, while Cnet claims that a single line of Magenta Max service will set you back $85 a month, which T-Mobile conveniently neglects to mention in its official press release unveiling the new plan.

$85 still happens to be $5 lower than the monthly cost of one Verizon Get More Unlimited line, which merely includes a 50GB "premium" data allotment. Even better, T-Mo is also upgrading the high-speed mobile hotspot bucket and video streaming support of its Magenta Plus plan to 40 gigs and unlimited 4K UHD respectively, both of which easily beat the best Big Red can offer at the moment as well.

On top of everything, Magenta Max also includes Scam Shield Premium services and Netflix Basic or Standard at no extra cost for single line and family accounts respectively. Last but certainly not least, existing Magenta Plus subscribers should know they can go Max for free... as long as they expressly ask their carrier for an upgrade.

More high-speed data for everyone

But wait, there's more... is what we'd say if this were one of those cheesy infomercials adding perk after perk to an already seemingly irresistible offer. More changes aimed at attracting even more new customers, including a Zero Cost to Switch deal that allows you to, well, switch your mobile network operator without paying a dime.

Finally, the core Magenta plan is getting a couple of important upgrades of its own, bumping up your Premium Data allotment from 50 to 100 gigs and nearly doubling the monthly high-speed mobile hotspot data allocation from 3 to 5GB without any price hike for new or existing customers.

For a limited time, a non-Max Magenta plan starts at $40 a month per line instead of $47 with unlimited SD streaming capabilities, standard Scam Shield access, and Netflix Basic included on all family accounts.

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