Even more Spotify subscribers can get a free Google Home Mini for Christmas

Even more Spotify subscribers can get a free Google Home Mini for Christmas
If you can't defeat them, join and help consolidate their market dominance. That appears to be the strategy employed by Google in the extremely crowded music streaming landscape, where the search giant is technically competing against Spotify with platforms like Play Music and YouTube Music.

But Big G seems far more interested in narrowing the global smart speaker shipment gap to Amazon, offering free Nest Mini units to Google Fi customers with absolutely no strings attached and joining forces with Spotify yet again to renew and extend a killer recent deal to even more people in the US.

If you haven't already claimed your gratis Google Home Mini, you can do so in time for Christmas whether you're just now opening a new Spotify Premium account or have been a paying subscriber for a while. Just like back in October, both individual and family master account users are eligible for this sweet special offer, but for the first time ever, Spotify allows students to get in on the action as well.

Keep in mind that a Student subscription is already incredibly affordable, fetching a measly $4.99 a month with (ad-supported) Hulu and Showtime access included after a free 3-month trial. The same trial is currently available for Individual and Family plans as well, with the former setting you back $9.99 and the latter $14.99 a month after the complimentary 90-day period.

Granted, the 2017-released Google Home Mini is nowhere near as impressive as the hot new Nest Mini, but when it's so easy to get the diminutive smart speaker completely free of charge, it's hard to argue with its appeal. The latest promo will apparently expire on December 31, although the Google Store codes you can use to order your gratis Home Mini will remain valid until January 15, 2020. 

In addition to new and existing subscribers, those returning to Spotify after canceling their service can also score this nice Christmas gift as long as they left the music streaming platform before October 19.

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