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Spotify defeated by... Google Play Music? Poll results

Spotify defeated by... Google Play Music? Poll results
So, the days of Spotify being synonymous with "Internet radio" are slowly slipping away. There have been multiple music streaming services launched to rival it over the past few years — Deezer, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tidal, et cetera. And some of these have gotten quite popular. Either through being locked in with a specific manufacturer's hardware ecosystem (*ahemApple*) or being available on a ton of different phones out-of-the-box (Google Play).

We thought we'd run a quick popularity contest and our poll results do show that Spotify's grip is slipping. You can check out the votes below:

What is your music-streaming service of choice?

Google Play Music
Apple Music
I am not subscribed to a music streaming service

Naturally, a poll that ran for a short while won't be showing us the whole picture. But we did run the same poll last year and, back then, Spotify and Play Music were neck and neck. We guess Google is doing something right!
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