Samsung may actually tease the new smartwatch OS of the Watch 4 and Active 4 during MWC 2021 - PhoneArena

Samsung may actually tease the new smartwatch OS of the Watch 4 and Active 4 during MWC 2021

Samsung may actually tease the new smartwatch OS of the Watch 4 and Active 4 during MWC 2021
Anticipation of the yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 keeps growing as we get closer to the possible release of the two smartwatches. Recently, Google announced it will be collaborating with Samsung on a new smartwatch OS, and now, SamMobile reports the South Korea-based company might actually show us a bit of how the new OS will look like.

Samsung could tease the new Wear smartwatch operating system on MWC 2021

Samsung has now scheduled an online-only event for June 28 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Additionally, the company has mentioned on the MWC website that it is “reimagining smartwatches, creating new opportunities for both developers and consumers”. This leads us to believe that Samsung’s expo could really be linked with the new operating system for the smartwatches.

During Google I/O, Google’s collaboration with Samsung was announced. Tizen and WearOS will be unified in order to deliver a better user experience with a new operating system for smartwatches. With this new operating system, Wear OS apps will be able to launch and perform faster, while the battery life of the watch, running it, will be improved.

On top of that, the Google Play store will also be available to smartwatches running the new Wear OS platform, while the platform itself will be available to other smartwatch manufacturers as well.

More or less, we expect big improvements in performance (Google says up to 30% faster starting of apps) and longer battery life, as well as more apps for the wearables running the new unified platform.

The new OS might power the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Active 4 (which will be the successor of the Active 2), have been in the rumor mill for quite some time, and still, we don’t really know exactly what features they will rock and how the performance will be. We expect to see both smartwatches announced together with the foldables, the Z Flip 3 and the Z Fold 3, possibly in August, at least according to the most recent leaks and rumors.

The Watch 4 is expected to be the premium smartwatch from Samsung and it is believed it will feature non-invasive glucose monitoring and other health-related features. The Active 4 should be the more budget-friendly version and it may lack some of the more premium features of the Watch 4 in order to keep the cost down.

If Samsung really plans on teasing how the new unified platform may work, it may actually help us build a more clear picture of what to expect from the two upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watches.
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