Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 Lite 5G and Tab A7 Lite get their first big leaks


Between the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite following in the footsteps of 2019's Tab S5e and the Galaxy Tab A7 sporting a large 10.4-inch screen, you could say that Samsung's 2020 Android slate portfolio has been a tad all over the place.

Of course, consumers don't really care about things like confusing branding or convoluted product rosters as long as they can get devices to fit their needs and preferences at fair prices. That's arguably one of the company's strongest points in the increasingly competitive (and successful) tablet industry, which explains why Samsung managed to considerably boost its sales numbers last year, ranking second overall and closing the gap to first place.

Naturally, the tech giant is now widely expected to flood the market with many mid and high-end new options in 2021, including two models of the former category that are likely to see daylight in June.

A reasonably priced giant with optional 5G connectivity

Believe it or not, Samsung is tipped to be working on a 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7 Lite supporting 5G speeds by a Twitter user who's almost never wrong about this type of stuff. While WalkingCat, aka @_h0x0d_, has no inside information to share on the possible retail pricing of this jumbo-sized Android slate, its "Lite" moniker all but guarantees a significantly higher degree of affordability compared to the 11-inch "regular" Tab S7 and the 12.4-inch Tab S7+.

The smaller of those two 2020-released high-enders normally costs $650 and up stateside, mind you, while the Tab S7 Plus starts at $850 outside of promotional periods that have been quite frequent since its commercial debut roughly six months ago.

Obviously, said entry-level configurations come without any type of built-in cellular connectivity, with 5G support adding $200 to the aforementioned price tags. Although it's clearly hard to make an educated guess right now, our hope is that the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite 5G will command a price no higher than $650. If that wild and unfounded prediction pans out, we expect to see Wi-Fi-only variants start at no more than $450.

Granted, the Tab S6 Lite is even more affordable, typically fetching as little as 350 bucks, but apart from lacking a 5G-enabled option, that thing also comes with a smaller 10.4-inch display sporting a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels. Meanwhile, the 12.4-inch Tab S7 Lite will purportedly deliver the same 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) pixel count as the Tab S7.

It's worth pointing out that if the Tab S7 Lite is indeed set to measure a whopping 12.4 inches in screen diagonal, a previously rumored Tab S7 Lite Plus instantly becomes a non-possibility. 

A low-cost derivation of an already low-cost tablet

The big question surrounding the other freshly leaked device is undoubtedly "how low can it go?" If the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite name is anything to go by (and it certainly is), the answer will most likely be "extremely low." We're obviously talking about a lower number than the $230 tag attached to the 10.4-inch Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) since we're dealing with an 8.7-inch lite model here.

Then again, Samsung might not be able to go much lower than that with a "slim metal" design and relatively thin screen bezels. 

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We're thinking something along the lines of a $180 starting price considering the outdated Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) normally goes for $150 and up, but of course, it's probably wise to wait and see other specs and features before making a firm prediction.

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