Samsung is preparing a small but notable battery upgrade for the base Galaxy S24

Samsung is preparing a small but notable battery upgrade for the base Galaxy S24
Have you been hesitating to get Samsung's base Galaxy S23 due to its battery life? Although it's still (very) early days, we have good reason to expect the non-Plus and non-Ultra Galaxy S24 to bring a small but potentially significant upgrade to the table in that very crucial department at some point in the beginning of 2024.

Today's rock-solid rumor helps complete a puzzle whose pieces started to fall in place almost a month ago with two even more credible leaks on the exact cell capacity of both the S24+ and S24 Ultra. There's not much room left now for mystery or unanswered questions, even though the matter of real-world battery endurance will hinge on a next-gen processor's energy efficiency as much as cell sizes themselves.

A (welcomed) blast from the past

Does anyone here remember the Galaxy S21? With a revised design compared to its predecessor and a... lower-res screen in tow, the early 2021-released 6.2-inch powerhouse was not exactly met with rave reviews, provoking quite a bit of anger among hardcore Samsung fans with its use of plastic on the back panel and the removal of the handy microSD card slot.

But like the S20 before it, the S21 packed a hefty 4,000mAh battery, which was somewhat inexplicably downgraded to 3,700mAh on 2022's Galaxy S22. The S23 then jumped to 3,900mAh cell capacity, which is still below what the S21 had to offer from that standpoint, and now finally we're looking at a return to those 2021 (and 2020) numbers.

Yes, the Galaxy S24 is tipped to come with a reasonably large 4,000mAh battery under its hood, a piece of information that seems extremely trustworthy given the track record of the publication that's putting it out there even though it's technically not etched in stone just yet.

There's no visual evidence to confirm this tidbit, mind you, which was the case for the 4,900mAh and 5,000mAh battery sizes of the S24+ and S24 Ultra respectively, but at least for the time being, we don't have any real reason to doubt the authenticity and accuracy of the S24's 4,000mAh cell capacity.

Will this small upgrade and return to 2021 form make a world of difference compared to the Galaxy S23? We highly doubt that, but the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and/or Exynos 2400 processors could obviously have a major contribution to any meaningful battery life improvements as well. It's impossible to know right now how the next-gen SoCs will behave in terms of their frugality and overall power consumption, but what's important to highlight is that the S23 already offers solid battery endurance numbers.

What else should you expect from the Galaxy S24?

In addition to potentially great battery life, Samsung's next big (vanilla) thing is likely to provide top-notch display performance and a variety of storage and memory configurations for every type of (power) user out there.

While that's more or less true for the S23 as well, the S24 is tipped to start at 256GB internal storage space and 12GB RAM, which would represent a major change of pace from the phone's predecessor in an entry-level variant.

The S24 screen, which is unlikely to grow in size or resolution, could also get a key generational upgrade, leaving Apple's iPhone 15 behind as far as things like brightness and contrast are concerned. 

And then you have the camera department, where the base Galaxy S24 is... bound to use the exact same formula as the S23, with an unchanged 50MP primary rear-facing shooter joined by the same old 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensors. But hey, maybe the rumors are wrong on that aspect... and right about everything else. Let a (34 year-old) boy dream, will you?

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