Another source claims to spill precious Samsung Galaxy S23 pricing info

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Another source claims to spill precious Samsung Galaxy S23 pricing info
How much will Samsung's next big thing(s) cost? That's essentially the only big question left unanswered after the extensive specification leaks of the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra of the last 24 hours, and following a very poor box-office showing from last year's S22 family, it could well prove the most important puzzle piece of them all.

But while the aforementioned specs and all the images and renders revealed of late are almost certainly legit, you can never be 100 percent sure of the accuracy of a retail pricing rumor, especially when it only concerns one market.

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Then again, some countries are more representative of a larger region than others and some pieces of gossip are obviously more trustworthy than others. The latest purported Galaxy S23 series pricing leak comes from a Twitter user with the handle @Billbilkun, who isn't exactly as well-known as the likes of Roland Quandt, Evan Blass, Steve Hemmerstoffer, or Dohyun Kim.

Believe it or not, however, this social media account appears to have disclosed the now widely distributed S23 specs and features before everyone else, making the following "official" France prices seem mighty plausible.

These are most likely the European Galaxy S23 series prices

  • Vanilla S23 - €959 with 128GB storage; €1019 for 256GB variant;
  • Galaxy S23 Plus - €1219 in a 256GB storage configuration; €1339 for 512GB;
  • S23 Ultra - €1419 with 256GB storage; €1599 for a 512 gig model; €1839 in 1TB configuration.

At first glance, it may feel like you're looking at some pretty big numbers... because you are. There's simply no way to put those tags into perspective to make them look good, fair, or reasonable in any shape or form, so all that's left to hope for is that they prove inaccurate.

The base Galaxy S22 model, in case you're wondering, started at a significantly more palatable €879 on the old continent last year, while the S22+ and S22 Ultra used to cost €929 and €1,279 respectively in their entry-level variants in most European markets... before getting a whole bunch of discounts practically everywhere.

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Compared to their predecessors, the most affordable Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra configurations are expected to double the internal storage space, but even an apples-to-apples comparison with 256 gig S22+ and S22 Ultra models looks... bad.

If this new information pans out (and that remains a big if), Samsung is cooking up some major price hikes in Europe (or at least in France) that are all but guaranteed to spill into the US and many other regions.

How much could the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra cost in the US?

That definitely remains the million-dollar (rather than the million-Euro) question, and although we can't claim to have a firm, definitive, and trustworthy answer for you, these are our educated guesses based on everything that's been rumored of late:

  • Galaxy S23 - $899 with 128GB storage; $949 for 256GB variant;
  • Galaxy S23 Plus - $1,149 in a 256GB storage configuration; $1,249 for 512GB;
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra - $1,349 with 256GB storage; $1,540 for a 512 gig model; $1,749 in 1TB configuration.

If you're wondering, the worst price increase on that list is probably the one adding a full Benjamin to the cheapest Samsung high-ender without also bumping up the internal storage space.

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Meanwhile, it is true that an entry-level Galaxy S22+ was originally available for just $999.99, but the 256GB S23+ has to be compared with the 256 gig version of its forerunner, which initially came in at $1,050.

Finally, the S23 Ultra price hikes could even be worse than what we're currently predicting seeing as how a 256GB S22 Ultra is "normally" available for $1,300. That's our attempt at viewing the glass as half full when in fact one can easily argue it's almost empty.

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