Behold the sharpest Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra renders yet

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Behold the sharpest Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra renders yet
The Galaxy S22 series is a secret to absolutely no one after a much larger number of recent leaks than we're willing to keep count of any longer, but there's obviously always room for more rock-solid information revealed by Evan Blass.

The incredibly prolific leaker behind the famous @evleaks Twitter handle is spoiling us today with what can only be described as the ultimate visual exposé of Samsung's next big thing(s). We're talking the "regular" S22, the jumbo-sized S22 Plus, and the... even more jumbo-sized S22 Ultra in all colors, all angles, and all sides.

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By no means unique or unprecedented, these hot new renders easily stand out from all the previously leaked Galaxy S22 series imagery with both their details and press-friendly quality, not to mention the unrivaled stamp of authenticity provided by quite possibly the world's most trustworthy mobile tech leaker.

Vanilla Galaxy S22 renders

Just in case there was any doubt left, these ultra-high-res images should be enough to etch the four long-rumored Galaxy S22 colors in stone once and for all. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this particular beholder writing this text finds himself completely smitten with the green hue depicted below.  

Of course, the pink gold (or is it rose gold?) shade has its undeniable appeal too, with the black and white flavors likely to top the global bestseller lists if history has taught us anything despite their relative... conventionality. There's not much else we can say about the "standard" S22's design to take you by surprise, with everything from its 6.06-inch or so flat screen to those razor-thin bezels, shiny glass back (so long, "glasstic") and triple rear-facing camera system being confirmed and repeatedly reiterated in the last few months.

Galaxy S22+ renders

No, you're not seeing double. The S22 Plus looks an awful lot like its little brother, at least at first glance, and the four colors are absolutely identical, which seems like a bit of a strategic error on Samsung's part in terms of the differentiation between a smaller and cheaper model and a larger and undoubtedly pricier handset.

The S22 and S22+ are widely expected to share the same rear camera setup (both in terms of their external appearance and imaging capabilities), but because compact phones may have gone out of style, there's obviously still a decent chance this 6.55-incher will be able to find an audience of its own. 

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Yes, the non-Plus Galaxy S22 is "compact" by 2022 standards, but the pricing difference between the two models might not be small enough to justify the existence of the non-Ultra Plus powerhouse.

Galaxy S22 Ultra renders

Now that's what we call differentiation! It's crystal clear that Samsung wants the largest, most advanced, and most expensive of the three main S22 variants to sell like hotcakes, summoning your Galaxy Note nostalgia with a more sophisticated than ever built-in S Pen.

Add a darker shade of gold to the equation, as well as a much more powerful primary rear shooter and a fourth imaging sensor on the back of this 6.8-inch beast, and you can almost justify the otherwise tough-to-swallow $1299 base price rumored several times of late and thus essentially confirmed for the phone's impending US release.

Don't forget that the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra are all almost certainly set for an official announcement on February 9 at 7 AM Pacific Time, followed by a pre-order start on February 14 and an actual commercial debut on February 25.

Before you shout "boring!" in the comments section below to describe the Galaxy S22 series colors rendered today, you should keep in mind that we're also still expecting the Ultra variant to come in snazzy red and at least one of the regular and Plus models to rock a purple exterior as a head-turning alternative to the hues mentioned above. Perhaps that's what Evan Blass is referring to when teasing on Twitter that there's even more stuff to come soon, so stay tuned both there and here for further updates.

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