The standard Samsung Galaxy S11 will pack an even bigger battery than previously expected

The standard Samsung Galaxy S11 will pack an even bigger battery than previously expected
Galaxy S11 renders

While Samsung is naturally working on making its next high-end smartphone family better than the Galaxy S10 lineup in every conceivable way, the biggest improvements are widely expected to come in two major departments. 

We're talking about camera performance, where risks will reportedly be taken to close the gap between Samsung's flagships and their Google and Apple-made rivals, as well as battery size. The latest concrete leak on the latter topic appears to contradict an older rumor, raising our already great expectations for the "regular" Galaxy S11 variant.

This is the first of the three main models that Steve Hemmerstoffer leaked in factory CAD-based renders a couple of weeks ago with an Infinity-O display in tow tipped to measure a whopping 6.7 inches in diagonal, as well as at least four rear-facing cameras arranged in a more organized formation than the scattered shooters on the back of the even larger 6.9-inch or so Galaxy S11+.

A bigger battery than both the S10+ and Note 10+

Yup, you read that correctly, the standard Galaxy S11 is pretty much guaranteed to dwarf the jumbo-sized Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 Plus in terms of cell capacity with no less than 4,500mAh juice, according to a very blurry picture found in an official Korean certification database that the folks over at SamMobile were able to decipher with a little effort.

Of course, the gargantuan battery on the S11 will be paired with a larger screen than those of the S10+ and Note 10+, so even though Samsung definitely deserves praise for the upgrades it has in the pipeline, these are not completely unexpected. The same goes for the 5,000mAh battery of the S11 Plus, which would bump up the capacity of the S10+ juicer by a solid 900 mAh, as well as the 4,000mAh or so cell rumored to be found under the hood of the S11e, compared to the 3,100mAh-packing S10e.

For its part, the Galaxy S11 is now expected to add a mind-blowing 1,100mAh on top of the 3,400mAh battery capacity of the "regular" S10, which by the way, isn't exactly a pushover in terms of endurance between charges, although it also can't keep up with its bigger brother from that very important standpoint.

Keep in mind that Samsung is actually not done releasing high-end phones under the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 banners either, with the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 Lite tipped to pack a monster 4,500mAh battery of its own. That's right, a "Lite" version of a 2019 flagship is likely to share its battery size with a "standard" 2020 high-ender, and... we honestly can't tell if that's a good or bad thing. It's certainly unusual, though.

No differences between 4G LTE-only and 5G-capable variants?

Apart from wanting to improve the battery life of its flagship handsets, which many people consider an essential aspect in their buying decision process, Samsung might have another key reason to prepare these very significant upgrades. Namely, it appears that the Galaxy S11 and S11e will be sold exclusively in 5G-enabled models in certain markets, including the US. Meanwhile, rumor has it there won't be a 4G LTE-limited Galaxy S11+ at all.

There's always a chance Samsung will slot a bigger battery inside the Galaxy S11 5G than its 4G-only sibling, but all signs so far point in the direction of identical specifications for these models. 5G speeds can take a toll on real-life smartphone autonomy, and combined with the extra energy consumption of a larger screen, that could mean the Galaxy S11 will end up lasting about as much time between charges as the S10 stateside. Granted, that's just us speculating, and instead of doing that, we should probably wait and get (cautiously) excited.

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