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Galaxy S11's camera may turn night into day with a new sensor

Galaxy S11's camera may turn night into day with a new sensor
Just a small fraction of the things we've heard so far about the camera set on the Galaxy S11 include crazy high resolutions and optical or hybrid zoom levels, extra time-of-flight sensors and crazy high zoom levels, and that's  A second generation of Samsung's 108MP sensor which outputs a 27MP photo in a pixel-binning mode could be used as the main camera as well. 

More pixels don't equate a better picture per se, as they are usually made tinier to fit the count, and collect less light, all other things being equal. With the magic of pixel-binning, or combining information from several pixels into one, however, not only is the resulting photo file smaller in size, but also the snap itself is usually able to overcome the smallish pixel size with some algorithmic trickery.

Besides high-res photos, Samsung's 108MP sensor with Tetracell technology offers improved low-light performance, better highlights exposure for bright elements, even faster autofocus and enhanced HDR photography, nearing the perception of the human eye. Or so Samsung claims. 

That first part, however, where it states better low-light performance, really caught our attention, as usually this many pixels mean a lot of noise and cross-talk, all "features" that are detrimental to clean and sharp photos in the dusk. Samsung, however, is so certain that it may have overcome these downsides of ultrahigh resolution sensors, that it has just trademarked the Bright Night Sensor phrase in Europe, tips the team from LetsGoDigital

After it did so with a Space Zoom trademark, we learned that the S11 could sport 10x optical/100x hybrid zoom levels, so we can't wait to hear more about the Bright Night abilities of what's shaping up to be Samsung's best mobile camera set in a while.

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