The most thorough Galaxy Fit 3 leak yet pits Samsung's next big wearable against a key rival

The most thorough Galaxy Fit 3 leak yet pits Samsung's next big wearable against a key rival
You may find this hard to believe, but the Galaxy Fit 3 is still not official despite leaking out in high-quality renders for the first time more than three whole months ago. Since then, Samsung's next big wearable device has had pretty much all of its specifications, features, and capabilities revealed... more than once, even starring in a real-life hands-on video ahead of its actual announcement.

This is not something that typically happens with "rudimentary" activity trackers, but then again, this is not a very "typical" (let alone rudimentary) fitness band, as evidenced in great detail in yet another MASSIVE information spill today.

Galaxy Fit 3 vs Galaxy Fit 2 - what's new, what's going unchanged

If you can't really recall what the "deal" was with 2020's Galaxy Fit 2, that's either due to the advanced age of Samsung's previous Fitbit alternative or its general lack of mass appeal. By 2020 standards, the Fit 2 was not terrible... but it wasn't great either, shining in the battery life department and underwhelming pretty much everywhere else.

The Galaxy Fit 3 aims to fix that by improving... almost everything about its predecessor and not taking a big hit as far as endurance between charges is concerned in the process. That's right, it appears that you will "only" be able to squeeze up to 13 days of "typical" usage out of the Fit 3's 208mAh cell, which doesn't compare extremely favorably with the 15-day battery life rating of a Galaxy Fit 2 that actually packs a smaller 159mAh ticker.

Of course, 13 days is way more than what essentially all of the best smartwatches out there right now can realistically promise to deliver on a single charge, and Samsung's downgrade from 15 days is easy to justify when you take all of the expected internal upgrades into consideration.

The Galaxy Fit 3 will first and foremost sport an impressively large and sharp 1.6-inch display with a resolution of 402 x 256 pixels while adding Emergency SOS functionality, fall detection capabilities, Find My Device support, and blood oxygen tracking compared to its rather basic forerunner.

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The sleep tracking technology already present on the Galaxy Fit 2 will be enhanced with snoring detection and overall "coaching", while in terms of workout modes, the Galaxy Fit 3 is set to boost both its automatic and manual supervision abilities.

Incredibly enough, the Galaxy Fit 3 will be 10 percent thinner in addition to a whopping 46 percent larger than the Fit 2, with its more robust aluminum body of course picking up quite a bit of extra heft compared to the old plastic construction to tip the scales at 36.8 grams (with its plastic strap included). 

Galaxy Fit 3 vs Fitbit Charge 6 - stacking up against the competition

Does the Galaxy Fit 3 have what it takes to become the world's top fitness tracker in 2024? Samsung certainly thinks so, and based on all the materials leaked today, it's pretty hard for us not to agree.

The relatively popular and reasonably well-reviewed Fitbit Charge 6, for instance, does not look like it will hold many (theoretical) advantages over its upcoming rival, with a smaller and much lower-res screen in tow, inferior battery life, a chunkier profile, a number of missing sensors, and a big deficit as far as workout versatility is concerned.

But (and this is a big "but") it doesn't seem like Samsung will put standalone GPS connectivity on the Galaxy Fit 3, which the Fitbit Charge 6 does support, helping its wearers accurately monitor their runs and other outdoor workout sessions without a smartphone nearby.

That's a very important corner Samsung probably needed to cut in order to keep this thing affordable, which is actually the only major question left unanswered. How much will the Galaxy Fit 3 cost might make the difference between a commercial hit and a flop much more than an extra auto workout mode or the ability to sense your snoring, so stay tuned for confirmation on that... and everything else in the near future.

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