Newly rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 price is slightly higher than previously expected

Newly rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 price is slightly higher than previously expected
Despite giving up on the Galaxy Note family of ultra-high-end smartphones with S Pen support (at least temporarily), Samsung still has a whole bunch of exciting products scheduled for a glamorous August 11 announcement

By no means the most exciting of said bunch, the Galaxy Buds 2 could be considered the most fascinating device in this next Unpacked lineup given their sleek design, impressive list of features, and surprisingly reasonable price point.

While Samsung's future contender for the title of best wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation has leaked in great detail and multiple colors of late, there's still some confusion as to exactly how low the company will be able to go in its attempt to undercut and ultimately defeat Apple's crazy popular AirPods Pro.

After being rumored to cost anywhere between €180 and €200 in Europe almost a month ago and then a measly €149 just a couple of weeks later, the Galaxy Buds 2 are now tipped (by one of the most reliable tech publications when it comes to this sort of stuff) to start at €172.90 including VAT.

That's obviously not as affordable as €149, roughly converting to $205 right now, but seeing as how the early 2021-released Galaxy Buds Pro are typically available at €229 on the old continent, there's still a very good chance the non-Pro Buds 2 will set you back just $150 or so stateside.

That would be 50 bucks lower than the US recommended price of the Buds Pro, not to mention that it would beat the AirPods Pro by a whopping $100. Of course, Apple is widely expected to unveil its very own non-Pro pair of noise-cancelling earbuds soon, but we highly doubt the AirPods 3 will cost as little as $150.

Once again rendered in a dark "graphite" flavor with a white square-shaped charging case in tow, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will apparently offer "AKG signature" audio technology, which is hardly new or surprising in any way, joining forces with ANC functionality to deliver "powerful, natural, and distortion-free" sound, which doesn't actually mean anything until we get a chance to try on these bad boys in the real world.

Thankfully, we should be able to do just that in the relatively near future, when we'll also find out if Samsung's price cut compared to the Galaxy Buds Pro will come with any sort of substantial downgrades.

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