Samsung's affordable Galaxy Buds 2 will come with active noise cancellation

Samsung's affordable Galaxy Buds 2 will come with active noise cancellation
Samsung didn't exactly hit a home run with its first-ever true wireless earbuds back in early 2019, but 2020's Galaxy Buds+ earned rave reviews, fixing almost everything that was wrong with their forerunners... while failing to offer active noise cancellation.

The Galaxy Buds Live followed later that same year, but although ANC functionality finally made it in, Samsung's odd design choice meant Apple's AirPods Pro essentially went unrivaled another few months.

While the Galaxy Buds Pro brought the best of both worlds together in January 2021, their $199.99 list price also made it incredibly difficult for Samsung to challenge its arch-rival in terms of global sales numbers. But that's where we expect the Galaxy Buds 2 to come in now, fetching anywhere between $149 and $169 stateside while supporting state-of-the-art active noise cancelling technology.

That's right, we're not just talking noise reduction here, as several rumors suggested in recent months, at least not according to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, who even has a pretty legit-looking image to support his theory.

The same source vaguely claims that the Galaxy Buds 2 also have "better bass performance" going for them, which means very little without additional context. If said comparison is made against the OG Samsung Galaxy Buds, that's... good to hear but not exactly groundbreaking stuff.

If the Buds 2, however, will somehow come with the same active noise cancellation tech as the Buds Pro and better bass performance ata lower than $200 price, Samsung may finally have an AirPods Pro killer on its hands.

Even if the Galaxy Buds 2 end up downgrading some of the great stuff the Buds Pro currently offer, which seems logical to expect at $150 and up, we're pretty sure these bad boys will be among the very best wireless earbuds money can buy as soon as they're released next month in at least four snazzy colors.

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