The Moto G200 5G will become Motorola's first Snapdragon 888 flagship soon

The Moto G200 5G will become Motorola's first Snapdragon 888 flagship soon
Instead of trying to compete with Apple and Samsung (not to mention, well, everyone else) in the lucrative but challenging high-end smartphone market segment, Motorola has chosen to focus almost exclusively on low and mid-end Android handsets, releasing a grand total of... one flagship model over the last four years or so.

While that strategy seems to have largely paid off, generating small but notable profit numbers for the Lenovo-owned company of late and helping the brand rise through the global ranks after a years-long plunge into irrelevance, a Snapdragon 888 device is finally around the corner.

Of course, with Snapdragon 888+ flagships already up for grabs in a number of markets from several different companies, it might be too late for Motorola to make a play for a spot among the best phones money can buy.

The Moto G200 could (eventually) see daylight in the US

No, that's actually not included in the latest TechnikNews report (translated here) previewing an unreleased and unannounced Moto smartphone, but with the 5G-enabled G100 officially available stateside since July, there's a decent chance this apparent sequel will follow suit... at some point.

Just like its forerunner, the undoubtedly 5G-capable Moto G200 should go on sale in other markets first, including China, where its name will purportedly be changed to Motorola Edge s30 to signal a family resemblance of sorts to the Snapdragon 870-powered Edge 20 Pro.

If history is any indication, Motorola's hardcore US-based fans may need to wait until next year for the G200 5G to reach their country after making a commercial debut elsewhere as early as next month.

By that time, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 898 SoC could well become the high-end industry norm, relegating the Moto G200 to budget 5G flagship status. Still, what's important to keep in mind is that this bad boy will be much more powerful than the G100 and Edge 20 Pro, not to mention 2020's Snapdragon 865 Edge+.

In addition to a Snapdragon 888 processor, the Moto G200 5G should come with a silky smooth 144Hz display sporting a Full HD+ resolution and unknown size, as well as an 8GB RAM count, a single 16MP selfie shooter, and a triple rear-facing camera system composed of 108, 13, and 2MP imaging sensors.

Overall, that doesn't really sound like an iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 Ultra "killer", let alone a potential alternative for the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, but at the right price, it could definitely bid for the title of best budget 5G phone out there.

What else is Motorola working on?

The short answer to that question is "a lot." The more detailed answer comes (in part) from none other than Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, who recently tweeted a list of codenames of unreleased Motorola smartphones alongside their likely official monikers.

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The Moto G200, aka Yukon, just so happens to be on that list, and the same goes for the Motorola "Tonga" (Moto G Power 2022), Corfu (Moto G41), and Corfu Lite (Moto G31).

While the Moto G Power 2022 is completely shrouded in secrecy, the Moto G31 was pretty thoroughly leaked a few weeks back with a 50MP primary camera and 5,000mAh battery on deck. As for the G41, it looks like that particular low-cost model will actually settle for a 4,700mAh or so cell, with everything else remaining under wraps for the time being.

Then you have the 5G-enabled Moto G51 and G71 mid-rangers that we told you about just last week, and if the Moto G Power family is set for an expansion relatively soon, we're fairly certain that a G Stylus 2022 variant is not far away either.

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