Leak once again shows A14 Bionic is all the ammo iPhone 12 would need to thrash competing devices

Leak once again shows A14 Bionic is all the ammo iPhone 12 would need to thrash competing devices
The Apple iPhone 12 will likely be here in a couple of months and while it may not offer a high refresh rate display or a small notch, we can surely look forward to a snappy performance, thanks to the A14 Bionic. It's almost a given that the new chip will be made using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)'s 5nm process and this in itself is enough to guarantee better performance and improved efficiency. If you still need numbers, a popular leaker has got them.

A14 Bionic: probably a lot faster than the fastest chip around, which happens to be the A13

@komiya_kj claims that compared to the A13 that power the iPhone 11 series as well as the new iPhone SE, the A14 Bionic will have a 40 percent faster CPU. Now, when the iPhone 11 was announced, Apple termed it as the fastest CPU ever in a phone. It also promised 20 percent performance gains across the board when compared to the A12. Going by the new tip, the A14 will have a huge lead over the A13, and this is in line with a rumor which says it will bump up the iPhone 12's performance to MacBook Air levels.

The leaker also says that the A14's GPU will be 50 percent faster than A12's. With the arrival of Apple Arcade, GPU performance has become all the more important and the purported improvement will surely elevate the gaming experience a lot.

While the new rumor doesn't talk about efficiency, we already know it will be increasing substantially. After all, the upcoming iPhone 12 models are expected to have smaller batteries than last year's models and this only means that the company is counting on power optimization to make up for decreased capacities

TSMC's 5nm technology is around 15 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient when compared to the 7nm node on which the A13 Bionic is built. The current flagship chip already has an edge over the Snapdragon 865 that powers Android flagships and looking at the latest leak as well as benchmark scores, we expect Apple to maintain its lead.

The tipster also says that the A14X, which is expected to power the upcoming 5G iPad Pro, will be even faster than the A14.

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