You can now get Google's Pixel 7 for $5 a month with no obligatory trade-in

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You can now get Google's Pixel 7 for $5 a month with no obligatory trade-in
Cheaper than most high-enders released in 2022 in the US, Google's "vanilla" Pixel 7 is not quite affordable enough to make our comprehensive list of the best budget phones out there, which the stock Android-running 6.3-incher would undoubtedly command with ease.

That's where a bunch of cool holiday deals have recently come in, repeatedly knocking the handset's $599 starting price to $499... and even a little less than that with absolutely no strings attached. If you don't mind a couple of strings, you can now take that all the way down to 180 bucks, which sends the Pixel 7 deep into the market's low-cost pit.

Google Pixel 7

5G, 128GB Storage, Multiple Colors, New Line Required
$699 99
Buy at Verizon

Google Pixel 7

5G, 256GB Storage, Multiple Colors, New Line Required
$799 99
Buy at Verizon

You're looking at a $520 rather than a $420 discount here, mind you, as Verizon normally charges seven Benjamins instead of six for an entry-level Google Pixel 7 configuration with 128 gigs of internal storage space... for some reason.

After hearing Big Red's name, you can probably very easily figure out what kind of strings you might be dealing with, but fret not, device trade-ins and number port-ins are entirely optional. What's compulsory is a new line of "select 5G Unlimited" service, which is arguably the easiest (and most "standard") hoop to jump through for this type of a special offer.

You don't even need to sign up for a monthly installment plan if you don't want to, although whether you choose that purchasing route or a full retail price acquisition, your $520 phone savings will be applied to your account as monthly bill credits over a period of three years.

The exact same terms and conditions are valid for the 256GB storage variant of this Tensor G2 powerhouse with a 90Hz AMOLED screen, 8GB RAM, "pure" Android 13 software, dual rear-facing cameras, and 4,355mAh battery. 

Digital hoarders can thus get that superior model for $7.77 a month, or around $280 in total, which should further improve the appeal of a reportedly already hugely popular smartphone.

On top of everything, network switchers can score a $200 Verizon gift card with little to no effort, and if you're willing to add yet another new line to your new or existing account, the Pixel Watch can also be yours completely free of charge (after bill credits). Who said the best time to buy new mobile tech stuff is during the holiday season? Well, the post-holiday season is starting to look pretty sweet too.

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