Snag a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic model and save more than $100 at Walmart

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Snag a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic model and save more than $100 at Walmart
Need a new smartwatch to go with your Android phone? If you appreciate classic timepiece designs, consider the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It’s one of the best smartwatches on the market, compatible with various Android handsets and not just Samsung phones. Plus, while both sizes typically sell at $400 and up, Walmart now lets you save between $114 and $134 on the non-LTE variants.

Save 34% on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (43mm)

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has become slightly more affordable at Walmart! The last time we checked, shoppers could save 31% on this model, but it's now 34% cheaper than usual, giving you even more value for your money. Equipped with Samsung's latest sensors and features, the wearable won't leave a single wellness metric to chance. It gives you advanced body composition analysis, monitors your heart rate, coaches your way to adopting better sleep habits, and even keeps you safe with its advanced safety features. Get it now and save $134.
$265 72
$399 99
Buy at Walmart

Save 27% on the larger-sized Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Would you prefer the larger-sized Galaxy Watch 6 Classic model? No worries, Walmart has this one on sale, so long as you're okay with not having LTE onboard. The timepiece in Black is exceptionally stylish, especially with the convenient rotating bezel. The larger-sized model has a gorgeous 1.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with Always-On function. Not only is the display mesmerizing, it also gets quite bright, making the watch usable even in the brightest days. Of course, it offers much more than a dazzling screen. You've got advanced heart rate, women's health, Pulse Ox, and other sensors designed to keep you well-informed about your general health condition.
$315 72
$429 99
Buy at Walmart

The last time we checked, the merchant only offered the 43mm Samsung smartwatch at 31% off. Now, you can save 34% on this version or opt for the 47mm variant at 27% off its price tag. Although these aren’t unique discounts (for we’ve seen the wearables discounted at Walmart on multiple occasions), they’re still quite tempting. After all, Amazon’s own deals on both size options are nowhere as good.

One of the best Apple Watch alternatives, the Galaxy wearable is practically the must-have watch for Android users at its current Walmart price. Both sizes give you incredible value for your money with their gorgeous Super AMOLED screens with Always-On functionality and plenty of exciting features and sensors.

Unlike the much more expensive Apple Watch Ultra 2, the Samsung timepiece has a BIA sensor that breaks down your body structure. Aside from this neat feature, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic also detects naps – something you don’t get from the Apple timepiece.

Personalized HR zones during workouts and other activities are available, as well as fall detection, women’s health tracking, an ECG app, and more. The wearable closely monitors your heart rate throughout the day and will even notify you if it detects irregularities. This feature is potentially life-saving, so it’s undoubtedly great to have it onboard.

Battery-wise, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic doesn’t beat the brand’s first outdoor-oriented smartwatch, the Watch 5 Pro. Still, you should get about 40 hours out of it between charges without an Always-On display and about 10 hours less if you keep the display on all the time.

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Ultimately, whether the latest Samsung smartwatch from the Classic lineup is good enough for you is a choice you have to make. But if you decide to give it a whirl, absolutely take advantage of Walmart’s fantastic deals on both sizes.

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