Many complain about Galaxy S24 bugs and issues. Is all of this a reason to skip the S24 and wait for a Galaxy S25?

People complain about Galaxy S24 bugs and problems. But is all of it a reason to skip the S24 and wa
Among the excitement and frenzy that accompanied the release of the Galaxy S24 series, we've had quite a few reports showing up about... well, some bugs and issues. We've been hearing for weeks now about issues plaguing the new flagship Samsung phones and the news about those spread like wildfire.

Of course, any normal buyer will raise an eyebrow at that. I mean, the whole internet is talking about faulty displays (and strange phenomena happening on them), buggy S24 camera app tweets are trending... Obviously, I may be exaggerating but you know what I mean.

A lot of people are talking about bugs on the new flagship beasts. So it's understandable you'd wonder whether it's even worth it to spend your hard-earned money on one.

Let's talk about it!

Galaxy S24 issues; or what the internet is talking about lately

The most recent report about an issue with the Galaxy S24's display has caused our own Adrian to ask the question "How many issues are too many?"... a good question that necessitates some careful consideration. So, let's first see what the reports are. The most recent one is about a phenomenon called "mura" (which Adrian creatively calls "grainygate") and it refers to a display issue that is observed on some of the Galaxy S24 units.

The issue is present in low brightness, and for some people, the phones have big trouble displaying clear and uniform images on a gray or dark background. The screen, according to some of the affected users, presents a grainy quality or grainy texture. This is mainly visible, it seems, on top of the darker colors.

But as you may have heard, the S24 has been in the headlines previously with different bugs as well. We've had green lines appearing on some displays, we've had "muted screens" (Samsung seems to have stated that's a "You're holding it wrong" type of issue, but a "fix" is coming), and we've also had camera issues mentioned.

iPhones are not perfect either (what a surprise, right?)

But with all the commotion around the new devices, it surely does look like only the Galaxies are the problematic kids. But that's not the case at all! I mean, most teens don't listen to their parents, it's not just yours.

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Back to phones though. Let's talk about the iPhone 15 first. When the series was released, users were encountering some problems with some phones. Of course, not everybody talked about it and Apple was quick to stifle any criticism, but still, issues were present.

Only a few days after the iPhone 15 phones were released in September, people were complaining about their new iPhone getting too hot (to the point of being uncomfortable to hold). 

We've heard about iPhones freezing during setup (the affected users were stuck staring at an apple without being able to bite from it for what seemed to have been an eternity), and we've also seen laggyness reports. And even chassis that attracted fingerprints (not really a bug, but it was a complaint some had with the new iPhone and its titanium frame).

Even new iPhones fall before they learn to walk. But, enough with the analogies. What I'm saying is that, even though Apple prides itself on quality, it couldn't escape the 'new phone new bug' situation.

Some Pixels are also known to misbehave

Poor battery life. Poor cell reception/calling connectivity. Slow and unresponsive touchscreen. Overheating issues. All these complaints have piled up on the internet about Google's current flagship phones: the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

But that's not all! A buggy camera app and even bumps under the screen were also observed by Pixel 8 buyers shortly after the two Google champions made it to the arena.

So, what now? To buy or not to buy (the big Shakespearean question)

Those examples are just a few examples I brought up to illustrate that the Galaxies are not the only phones plagued by bugs and issues not ironed out before their official release to the public. Many other phone brands struggle with the same issues just like the big players on the scene.

But what does this all mean? Does this mean you should cancel your Galaxy S24 plans and wait for Samsung to fix everything? Or does it mean you should give up on the S24 altogether with the hopes that the Galaxy S25 won't bring its own issues?

As you can probably tell by now, that's not really what I'd advise you to do. Any just-released phone you go to can encounter problems. Then, what to do? Let's briefly discuss this.

So what are your options with the S24?

  • Wait for a couple of months for Samsung to iron out early bugs
  • Buy now and return if faulty (check return conditions before buying to ensure you're covered!)

One option is to wait for a couple of months until Samsung irons out the early release bugs. This will lower the possibility of you getting a faulty device in general, and it gives time to Samsung to respond to issues brought up by the early buyers.

What about the deals available right now in this case? The thing is, while the Galaxy S24 phones are still hot (meaning, they don't have a successor yet), you'll probably be able to snatch a very good deal on one. Carriers are likely to offer the same discounts (more or less) until the S25 is out. Also, we have shopping events like Prime Day and Black Friday where you're likely to get a great deal on an S24 as well.

The other option is for those of you who really can't wait. The inpatient, passionate ones among you. If you're set on buying a Galaxy right now, let me tell you this. First off, not all users are affected by the aforementioned bugs. Second off, if you happen to get a buggy phone, you have the option to return it (to the carrier or retailer you bought it from). Make sure to carefully check the return policy before buying as well, just to be extra safe that you're covered.

More likely than not, you'll end up with a Galaxy S24 that works just fine. If you notice strange behavior, just return it (you'd probably get a replacement if it's a hardware issue). For the software issues, Samsung will be releasing fixes sooner or later. But, as I said, it's likely you won't end up with a buggy device anyway.

Of course, weighing the pros and cons before making a decision to buy or not is important. You are the person who's ultimately going to give your hard-earned money for a Galaxy, and I can't push you to do it or not to do it. What I'm just saying is that, the situation we're witnessing right now with all the bugs is nothing new, and it happens with almost every new phone release out there.

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