Galaxy S24 Ultra users are complaining about a thin green line appearing on the screen

Galaxy S24 Ultra users are complaining about a thin green line appearing on the screen
Some Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users are complaining about seeing a thin green line running vertically down their phones' displays. Another variant of the same bug includes the vertical thin green stripe combined with a thin white line running horizontally across the display. We've seen complaints about this on the Samsung Community Forum where user Qu1JcMmaCO complained that his Galaxy S24 Ultra showed a vertical green stripe and a horizontal white stripe.

The lines appeared while the user was watching YouTube and it also showed up on the boot screen. The user called Samsung Care+ and even though they admitted that it was a manufacturing defect, Samsung would not exchange the device for a new one and insisted that the unit be returned and then repurchased. This would result in the user losing any of the pre-order discounts that he received. Samsung eventually told the phone owner to complain to T-Mobile.

The issue here is that the phone was purchased on carrier locked to T-Mobile. Samsung correctly said that since the phone is financed through T-Mobile, it is the responsibility of the carrier. On the other hand, if the phone was purchased unlocked through Samsung, it would be the manufacturer's responsibility.

On Reddit, another Galaxy S24 Ultra owner had the same issue and was told that Samsung would not take responsibility because it was a "Verizon issue." Again, since the phone was purchased from Verizon, Samsung was correct. The first Verizon store he went to tried to turn things around and blame the owner for causing the lines. Giving up, he went to another Verizon store where he was told by a rep that Verizon would do everything it could "to squirm out of any responsibility for providing the warranty."

Eventually, the phone's owner bought another Galaxy S24 Ultra unit from Verizon while returning the one with the defective screen. The only issue was that the defective unit was purchased with a trade-in and this Reddit subscriber has concerns that he is going to get screwed over by Verizon

So far, the lines are appearing only on some Galaxy S24 Ultra units sold by U.S. carriers. If you ordered your phone unlocked from Samsung, odds are you won't have to worry about this issue.

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