Certain activities are causing the iPhone 15 series to hit triple-digit temperatures

Certain activities are causing the iPhone 15 series to hit triple-digit temperatures
When someone tells you that their iPhone 15 model is hot, they might not be talking about its looks. Per 9to5Mac, an infrared photo of the iPhone 15 shows that complaints about temperatures reaching as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit on the new iPhone 15 line are legitimate leaving users unable to hold on to their devices without dressing them up in a case. On the social media platform once known as Twitter and now called X, complaints were posted and tipster Majin Bu wrote that the overheating seems to occur while the phones are being charged, or while the user is on a social media site.

The tipster notes that if the problem is not battery-related, Apple might be able to push out a software update to fix the problem. Speaking of problems. Majin Bu followed up on his previous tweets that showed images of some of the issues with fit and finish that Apple has had with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. To refresh your memory (unless you have one of the defective units in which case that is all you're thinking about), some of the Pro series units came out of the box with patches of poorly applied coloring on the titanium chassis.

Some units had the display incorrectly aligned with the phone's edges and on others, the back glass was not flush with the titanium enclosure. One anonymous Apple Genius Bar employee sent a message to Majin Bu that the tipster shared on X. The message said that employees at an unnamed Apple Store were setting up iPhone 15 Pro series display units overnight during the evening before last Friday's release date.

The Apple Store employee said that those working on this task along with him were spotting imperfections with the back glass which was supposed to lie flush against the titanium enclosure. These Apple Store employees felt that the non-Pro models were of a higher quality than the premium Pro models. A manager overheard the team discussing this and called them aside to tell them not to discuss this with customers. The team also had problems setting up the display units and installing profiles.

Sure enough, on the release date, some customers of this Apple Store stayed the entire day at the location trying to set up their new phones. Some of the customers who purchased the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max immediately returned their phones due to "hardware and cosmetic imperfections." The Apple Store Genius Bar employee recommends delaying the purchase of a Pro model until November.

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