Galaxy S23 series wired charging comparison vs Pixel 7 series, iPhone 14 series, OnePlus 11

Galaxy S23 charging comparison
How fast does the Galaxy S23 series charge? That's a question many of you might ask, especially if you're considering Apple's latest pride and glory, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which many might consider one of the finest Android phones available right now.

Given how capable many Android phones are in this regard, offering charging speeds upwards of 100W, one might be a bit disappointed to find out that the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Plus support merely 45W of charging speed, which is at the middle of the table when it comes to charging speeds, it would seem. Closer to its lower end sits none other than the compact Galaxy S23, which supports wired charging at a "paltry" 25W.

Is that such a big deal breaker, though? What are the real-life repercussions of these batter life figures? Let's compare the wired charging speeds of the Galaxy S23 series versus their biggest rivals and predecessors!

Galaxy S23 series charging comparison

For all battery charge tests, we always use either the supplied charger in the box with each phone or the one recommended by the manufacturer when no such an accessory has been bundled with the device. We don't use third-party or unsupported chargers to test charging speed on any phone, unless explicitly stated due to one reason or another.

So, how fast do the Galaxy S23 series charge? First off, let's highlight the charging solutions employed by Samsung in each of its new flagship phones:

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra - 45W wired charging support;
  • Galaxy S23 Plus - 45W wired charging support;
  • Galaxy S23 - 25W wired charging support.

Those were the same charging speeds that graced the Galaxy S22 series (Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Plus, Galaxy S22), so there has been no improvement in the charging speed. And, exploring the results below, we can definitely see that this is the case indeed, with the Galaxy S23 series charging just as fast as the Galaxy S22 series, taking around an hour to fully top up each new Galaxy.

Exploring the table, the recent OnePlus 11 definitely makes a solid statement with the head-turning charging result of just 32 minutes thanks to its 80W in-box charger, making it one of the fastest-charging phones available in the US right now. If you live elsewhere, you get a 100W charger, which can shed off a couple minutes off that achievement.

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One can easily see that Samsung's latest Galaxies are actually among the faster-charging ones available in the US. They definitely have the upper hand in direct comparison with Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which support up to 27W wired charging and take 30 to 40 minutes longer to get fully charged.

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro flagships, which support up to 20W and 23W wired charging, respectively, are also left out in the figurative dust left behind the Galaxy S23 series: Google's latest phones get fully juiced in roughly an hour and forty minutes, quite the slow pokes.

However, the same applies to Apple's largest iPhones as well: while the iPhone 14 Pro Max also requires nearly an hour and forty minutes before it could call it quits, Apple's iPhone 14 Plus really does take its time and gets from 0 to 100 in two hours and twenty minutes. This is an extremely long time by today's standards, and definitely doesn't suit Apple's large and affordable iPhone. 

How much does each phone charge up in 30 minutes?

Okay, so we know how long it takes to juice up certain phones in roughly half an hour? Here's how much of a charge you can expect out of each phone after a specific rendez-vous with the recommended wall charger.


All in all, while not the fastest we've seen by any means, Samsung's newest flagship phones charge up relatively fast compared to their direct rivals on the US soil. Of course, we are talking about charging times with the recommended charger, and in the case of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Plus, that's the speedier 45W one, so you will have to buy it if you wish to achieve the fastest charging speeds.

While we've definitely seen faster charging devices, we don't really find Samsung's latest devices slow at all. After all, a quick 30-minute charge-up session gives you more than 60% of juice, which could easily last you many hours of usage.

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