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The best Verizon phone deals in August 2022

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The best Verizon phone deals right now
Renewing your mobile contract or signing up for a new one can be a tough decision, and a pretty nerve-wracking experience as well. People sometimes feel lost when they have to deal with carriers – and that's where we come in. In a series of articles we're going to pick the best carrier deals for you so you don't have to – and today we're doing Verizon – one of the biggest carriers in the US.

Keep in mind that deals change pretty regularly and whenever a new phone comes out, there's usually some special offer that involves it as well. The best offers here usually involve opening a new line with the carrier, so whenever you're planning to do that, it's always better to wait a bit and take advantage of a deal that might save you hundreds, if not even a thousand dollars.

Deals on the hottest devices out right now also necessitate a trade-in with Verizon.

With all that being said, let’s see what Verizon has to offer when it comes to phone deals now, in August 2022.

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Galaxy S22 series deals at Verizon

For the reigning flagship line from Samsung, Verizon has prepared generous offers with trade-in. The offer helps you shave up to $800 from the retail price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 Plus, or the vanilla Galaxy S22. It requires select 5G Unlimited plans. On top of that, if you switch to Verizon, you can save an additional $200.

Here are the S22 offers live now:

Verizon Galaxy S22 Ultra WAS $1199.99 NOW $399 SAVE $800

Existing customers of Verizon can now get up to $800 off of the hot and powerful Galaxy S22 Ultra with trade-in. The cool thing about this deal is that you can trade in a phone in any condition (yeah, it can be damaged, except for battery damage). Additionally, for new customers, the carrier offers $200 of if you switch. Of course, the trade-in deal here requires a new line.
$399 99
$1199 99
Buy at Verizon

Verizon Galaxy S22 Plus WAS $999.99 NOW $199.99 SAVE $800

The same deal as the one for the Ultra is also present for the S22 Plus. This means you can get up to $800 with old or damaged phone trade-in (with a new line). New customers can enjoy $200 off additionally if they decide to switch to Verizon. Additionally, you can now save $120 on Galaxy Watch with the purchase of this phone.
$199 99
$999 99
Buy at Verizon

Verizon Galaxy S22 WAS $799.99 NOW FREE SAVE $800

As for the smallest phone of the bunch, the Galaxy S22, Verizon is offering again $800 off with trade-in for existing and new customers. On top of that, new customers get $200 off if they switch. And, for the Galaxy ecosystem lovers, the carrier is offering you to save $120 on Galaxy Watch if you go for this phone.
$799 99
Buy at Verizon

iPhone 13 series deals at Verizon

The iPhone 13 series are Apple's current flagship phones. The four phones pack the latest ultra-fast processor from Apple, gorgeous cameras, and recognizable Apple look. And, let's not forget – 5 years of software updates for a bright future. But, we all know Apple devices seem to be on the expensive side.

But that's not to worry you – these phones are hot, and Verizon has hot offers on them right now. As with the Galaxies, you can save up to $800 with eligible trade-in and an eligible 5G Unlimited plan.

Check out the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini deals live right now at the carrier:

Verizon iPhone 13 Pro Max WAS $1099.99 NOW $299 SAVE $800

Verizon is now offering a generous offer for trading in your old or damaged smartphone and getting up to $800 off on the latest and greatest iPhone for existing customers (same applies if you want to switch to the carrier as well; new line required anyway). Additionally, new customers can benefit from $200 discount if they switch. For iPad lovers, the service provider gives an Apple iPad discount with the purchase of an iPhone, online-only though.
$299 99
$1099 99
Buy at Verizon

Verizon iPhone 13 Pro WAS $999.99 NOW $199.99 SAVE $800

As the offer above, this deal requires trade-in and a new line. You can also get $200 if you switch to the carrier in case you're not an existing customer. You get the same offer here for the iPad as the offer above.
$199 99
$999 99
Buy at Verizon

Verizon iPhone 13 WAS $799.99 NOW FREE SAVE $800

Verizon is offering the same deal for the iPhone 13, and you can save up to $800 with eligible trade-in and Unlimited plan. Verizon also notes the trade-in can be any phone and it can also be damaged. If you want to also get an iPad, you can get the entry-level iPad for just $7 a month with the purchase of an iPhone.
$799 99
Buy at Verizon

Verizon iPhone 13 mini WAS $699.99 NOW FREE SAVE $699.99

iPhone 13 mini adopters are greeted by a very good trade-in discount at Verizon. You need to get a new line and an Unlimited plan, as well as an eligible phone to trade-in, and then, you can get the iPhone 13 mini for free! Pretty nice deal, if you ask us!
$699 99
Buy at Verizon

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini deals

The iPhone 12 series is now a year old and the iPhone 13 phones are out. Still, if you want to get the compact (and still powerful in 2022) iPhone 12 mini from Verizon, the carrier currently has a great deal on it:

Verizon iPhone 12 mini WAS $599.99 NOW $299.99 SAVE $300

You can now get up to $300 off with eligible trade-in for the iPhone 12 mini on Verizon. The cool thing here is that the trade-in phone can even be old or damaged and you'll still get some trade-in value for it.
$299 99
$599 99
Buy at Verizon

Galaxy Z Fold 3 deal at Verizon

The Z Fold 3 sports a beautiful big screen that unfolds, pretty much, like a 2-in-1 phone and a tablet. However, as a lot of you may probably know, this foldable is known to cost an arm and leg to afford. And that's understandable - phone displays aren't easy to manufacture, and on top of that, the Z Fold 3 also sports the latest and greatest processor and specs.

Now, Verizon has a very sweet trade-in deal for this innovative phone.

Verizon Galaxy Z Fold 3 WAS $1799.99 NOW $999.99 SAVE $800

The carrier is now offering up to $800 trade-in offer for the Z Fold 3 (the trade-in phone can be old or damaged), with an Unlimited plan and new line required. Additionally, you can save $120 on Galaxy Watch.
$999 99
$1799 99
Buy at Verizon

If you're interested in the Z Fold 3 and how it performs in real life, you can check out our Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 deal at Verizon

The Z Flip models are proving to be gaining popularity. The Z Flip 3 folds in a clamshell-like manner and overall, looks stunning and will definitely catch attention. But its looks is not the only thing going for this phone: it also packs powerful hardware, just like its big brother, the Z Fold 3, and performs great with any task you throw at it. And of course, the Z Flip 3 is also expensive, though a bit more affordable than the Z Fold 3.

Well, lucky for those of you who don't want to spend $999 on it, Verizon has it discounted with trade-in:

Verizon Galaxy Z Flip 3 WAS $999.99 NOW $199.99 SAVE $800

Existing customers (as well as new ones) can enjoy the new clamshell foldable by Samsung with $800 off discount with trade-in (new line and Unlimited plan requirement stands), while new customers get to have $200 off when switching to Verizon. On top of that, you can save $120 on Galaxy Watch too.
$199 99
$999 99
Buy at Verizon

If you want to know how this beautiful clamshell foldable phone performs in real life, check out our Galaxy Z Flip 3 review.

Motorola Edge 5G UW for just $5 a month

The Motorola Edge 5G UW (meaning, it is specifically for Verizon's 5G network), is one gorgeous phone, packing a 6.8-inch display with 144Hz refresh rate, as well as big 5,000mAh battery with 30W fast charging. And Verizon has something special for Motorola Edge adopters. Check the offer below:

Verizon Motorola Edge 5G UW WAS $549.99 NOW $180 SAVE $369

The Motorola Edge 5G UW is now discounted for just $5 a month (36 installments). The cool thing about this deal is that you don't have to have a trade-in phone to benefit from it. You only need an Unlimited plan to benefit from this offer.
$5 /mo
$15 27
Buy at Verizon

So far, these are the best Verizon deals on phones. Of course, with any carrier and retailer, every now and then those offers will change, so keep checking back if your desired phone is not in this list.

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