Best Verizon phone plans in 2023: Unlimited and prepaid offers for new and existing customers

Best Verizon plans
Verizon is the largest US mobile carrier, with arguably the best coverage and variety of both plans and phones, so when one is looking for options of changing their mobile carrier, it's hard to overlook Big Red. Verizon's excellent 5G ultra-wideband and superb 4G LTE nation-wide coverage means that you have to consider the largest US mobile carrier when pondering switching over from AT&T or T-Mobile.

However, Verizon's plans definitely aren't the cheapest ones around, so expect to pay a premium.

Due to the profound variety of plans, each with its specific perks and details, it's hard to get lost and among all the information. In this article, we will guide you through the different plans and find out if they're compatible with your specific needs or not. Moreover, we will be trying to help you save by finding just the right plan for you, without paying too much or ultimately ending up with a plan that's not a true match for your personal usage.


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Verizon phone plan types

Just like most other carriers, Verizon has two main types of plans: unlimited postpaid and prepaid ones. While a prepaid plan is usually associated with a more lax initial experience and doesn't really bind you that much to the carrier's services, ultimately the cost of using a prepaid plan might easily overwhelm the initial benefits. This is where a regular postpaid unlimited plan comes, with way more benefits and perks, as well as a relatively more affordable monthly bill, especially if you combine a few lines. 

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Best Verizon plans for individuals

What is the best plan for a regular person?

First things first, one of the most important differences with Verizon's 5G plans is actually the type of 5G access you're getting. Now, most plans give you access to Big Red's ultra-wideband 5G network, another name for mmWave 5G, which is blazing fast and reliable but only accessible in select metropolitan areas.

Another perk of this network is that it's the only one that allows UHD 4K media streaming on Verizon. With some plans, your speeds won't get throttled, but others include a monthly data cap; after running out of high-speed data, your speed will be throttled and usually deprioritized.

Other plans only allow you to tap into Verizon's low-band 5G network, which is slower, but on the upper hand, it's more widely available and not limited to big metropolitan areas. It also only allows for Standard definition media streaming, which means 480p YouTube and Netflix. Have that in mind while choosing the perfect plan for you.
As evident in the table above, Verizon has a pretty diverse portfolio of postpaid plans, all of which come with unlimited talk, text, international texting, and access to Verizon's regular 5G network.

  • If you're an iPhone user that simply loves Apple's services ecosystem, Verizon's One Unlimited for iPhone is the perfect plan for you. This plan comes with access to Apple One, bringing the goodness of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+, all of which have excellent value to Apple enthusiasts.

    With unrestricted access to Verizon's premium wide-band 5G network for up to 25GB a month, this plan definitely sounds like an excellent pick for individual clients. Best of all, the Apple One perks can be shared with up to 5 individual users when you activate two or more lines. At the same time, this plan doesn't come cheap.

  • Probably an excellent all-around option for most folks is either the 5G Play More or 5G Do More plans. Both let you access Verizon's high-band 5G network, as well as enjoy up to 50GB of premium fast data access and 25GB of fast hotspot data allowance.

    True, neither is unlimited in the true meaning of the word, but for the price, you get quite a lot of perks. The main difference between the two plans is that the 5G Play More plan gives you access to several streaming services, while 5G Do More gives you a solid 50% discount for a tablet or a watch, as well as up to 600GB of Verizon Cloud.

Best Verizon Prepaid plans

If you prefer prepaid plans, Verizon has got you covered as well. Here's the current selection of Big Red's portfolio.

From the get-go, we'd completely rule out the basic Prepaid Talk & Text plan, which is as barebones as it gets. The best value in the prepaid tier seems to be the 15GB Prepaid plan, which gives you an ample amount of data for your everyday needs, while the price can go down all the way to $35 per month if you have AutoPay enabled and have a couple of months of uninterrupted service with Verizon. This plan only has access to the low-band 5G network, only allows standard media streaming, and its hotspot capability is limited to your monthly 15GB data cap, but overall, we feel it offers great value.

However, if you want the best of the best in the prepaid world, you should go for the Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan. Why not the cheaper Prepaid Unlimited, you might ask? Well, simply because the more expensive phone can tap into the much faster ultra-wideband 5G network, whereas the cheaper one can't, so we'd say the faster speed is definitely worth the extra $10 a month. Moreover, the most premium prepaid plan also allows for UHD 4K streaming, which is another thing to consider.

Best Verizon plans for families

What is the best Verizon plan for families? Many options, but we have two favorites here.

  • If your family is heavily into the Apple ecosystem, then it would make perfect sense to opt for a few lines of Verizon's One Unlimited for iPhone plan. At $144 when you combine four lines, it's not that affordable, but is definitely a good value, given the rest of the perks.

And these include unlimited talk, text, and ultra-wideband 5G data, thus expect super-fast speeds and 4K UHD media streaming. This plan also won't deprioritize you, so you wouldn't suffer from slower download speed at times of great network congestion. What's more, you also enjoy up to 25GB of hotspot data allowance monthly, a pretty decent option! Finally, there's a 50% off on tablets and watches sold at Verizon, allowing you to save big on an accessory of your choice.

  • Another option that you might go for is the 5G Get More plan. Sure, we know it's probably the priciest one even if you combine four lines, but given the great perks it offers, it's definitely worth it. To recap, this plan comes with almost no restrictions, can tap into the super-fast ultra-wideband 5G network, allows for 4K UHD video streaming, and has a lavish amount of 50GB hotspot data allowance per line per month, which is great for people that tend to share their cellular connectivity with others. 

    This plan comes with a few streaming services included, so you can enjoy Disney+, HPulu, and ESPN+, Apple Music, as well as a gaming service of your choice, be it Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Your kids would love those, for sure.

Best Verizon plans for seniors

If you're 55+ and happen to live in Florida, then Verizon has a nifty offer for you.

The Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan is a rather decent offering with just a few important caveats that you need to to acknowledge. First up, it's available to users 55 and up, and is currently only available to residents of Florida as Verizon is running a local trial in the Sunshine State; hopefully, it will be fully opened up to residents aged 55+ across the rest of the USA. Another important thing to consider is that it doesn't give you access to Verizon's fast ultra-wideband 5G. However, you get unlimited hotspot, though it's not fast at all.

Best Verizon Business plans

If you're part of a small business and looking to become part of Verizon's network, here's what Big Red can offer you.

Right off the bat, the Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 plan seems like the absolute best one you can pick for your business, but it's not necessarily the best value one. According to us, the best value plan is the Business Unlimited Plus 2.0, which offers excellent data speeds thanks to the access to Big Red's ultra-wideband 5G network (up to 100GB), as well as 100GB of unlimited mobile hotspot per line per month. All of those make this plan a pretty decent offering for small businesses.

We wouldn't recommend going with the Business Unlimited Start 2.0 plan, which is relatively affordable, but has no access to the ultra-fast 5G network and can only hook up to the low-band network; what's more, deprioritization is a normal occurence with this plan.

Can I bring an unlocked device to Verizon?

Yes, you can bring your own device to Verizon, no matter which plan you go for. However, you need to ensure that your device is compatible with Verizon's network (online check tool available here) and that it's unlocked. You can bring any of the best Samsung, best iPhones, or top Android devices to Big Red and enjoy the carrier's services without having to splurge on a phone directly from the carrier. If you wish so, you can do that: Verizon has awesome phone deals available year-round.

What kind of customer support does Verizon provide to its customers?

Verizon has good customer service, with both all types of useful information available in the My Verizon app, and a few hotline numbers that sadly can't be accessed 24/7. Verizon's customer service hotline, 1-888-294-6804, can be called 8AM-7PM ET from Monday through Saturday, and 8AM-5PM ET on Sunday. Business clients can call 1-800-465-4054 from 8AM-9PM ET Monday through Friday. What's more, for common issues and queries, you can check out Verizon's nifty FAQ page and support hub page.

Does Verizon have good coverage?

Verizon has an excellent cellular coverage over the continental US and should be regarded as the gold standard for wireless coverage, with just a few gaps of no service here and there, most notably Alaska. In comparison with T-Mobile and AT&T, Verizon still has that edge that makes it a super-reliable carrier with excellent coverage. Verizon provides more than 90% of the cellular coverage for nearly 30 states, and almost all larger metropolitan areas in the US have 5G ultra-wideband support. You can check out the latest Verizon coverage map right here.

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