Best iPhone 14 cases available right now

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Best iPhone 14 cases available right now
The big iPhone 14 reveal is now long gone, and we were properly excited to meet the new lineup from Apple. Four models made their debut on September 7, namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14

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Apple iPhone 14

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus

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As we've stated several times, the vanilla iPhone 14 is the phone to buy most of the time, therefore we anticipate that this model will be the most popular. This means that people will buy it, and people will want protection. Today, we'll look at the top iPhone 14 cases available right now to protect your recently purchased jewel.

Are iPhone 13 covers compatible with the iPhone 14?

That is an important question that must be addressed! If you're upgrading from the iPhone 13 and want to save some money by utilizing an old cover laying around, you'll probably have to buy a new one. The dimensions of the new iPhone 14 are slightly different from those of its predecessor, as is the camera bump.

Best iPhone 14 cases at a glance:

Best iPhone 14 official cases

For all Apple aficionados out there, the best way to protect your new iPhone 14 would probably be to buy an official case. There's nothing wrong with being brand-loyal, and Apple has made everything in its power to offer the most diverse collection of cases for every scenario.

iPhone 14 Clear Case with MagSafe

This one is an all-time classic, spanning across several iPhone generations. It's build with optically clear polycarbonate and features a perfectly-aligned magnet to work with all your MagSafe accessories. There's a scratch-resistant coating, and all the buttons are covered for better protection.

iPhone 14 Clear Case with MagSafe

Thin, light, and easy to grip — this Apple-designed case shows off the brilliant colored finish of iPhone 14 while providing extra protection.

iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe

The good old silicone case is back in all its glory. It's very thin and lightweight, it offers silky-smooth grip, and there's a soft cloth on the inside to keep your iPhone 14 scratch-free. This case is MagSafe certified, and works with wireless chargers, as well. And last but not least, it's available in a plethora of colors (lilac is our personal favorite).

iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe

The silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. And on the inside, there’s a soft microfiber lining for even more protection.

iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe

The leather iPhone 14 Case offers unprecedented style and feel, it's made out of specially tanned leather. You're not sacrificing weight and comfort as it is very thin and fits like a leather glove. This case is also MagSafe compatible and works with wireless chargers. There are some cool color options available - such as the Orange color, who doesn't want an orange iPhone?

iPhone 14 Leather Case with MagSafe

Made from specially tanned and finished leather, the outside feels soft to the touch and develops a natural patina over time.

Best iPhone 14 clear cases

Behold the clear case! The perfect compromise between keeping your phone safe and showing off your new gem to the whole wide world! We all know how fragile modern smartphones are, so using them without a case is a big no-no. Fortunately, the best iPhone 14 clear cases will take care of your new phone without obscuring its beauty.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 14 Clear case

Another cult-classic is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 14 Clear case. It offers anti-yellowing super-clear design but at the same time it's also very sturdy. The design is a mix between a soft TPU frame and a hard PC back, with raised bezels to protect the screen and camera. This iPhone 14 case is also very affordable, you don't have to spend a lot of money to protect your iPhone 14.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 14 Case - Crystal Clear

Hybrid technology that is made of a TPU bumper with a durable PC back. Anti-yellowing tech, perfect transparency.

Caseology Skyfall iPhone 14 Case 

Caseology also offers a clear case for the iPhone 14, but with a colorful soft bumper (Sky Blue, Matter, and Red). This iPhone 14 case employs the same dual-layer design - a soft TPU bumper, combined with a hard PC back. The rounded edges make holding your iPhone 14 a breeze, while the raised lips protect the display and camera (the camera one is also pretty stylish and industrial-looking). Another affordable and solid case.

Caseology Skyfall iPhone 14 Clear Case

Certified with military grade protection, wireless charging compatible and screen protector compatible

Best iPhone 14 rugged cases

Speaking of securing expensive phones, there’s no better way to do it than buying a rugged case. Granted, the iPhone 14 rugged cases might not look pretty or slim but they’ll get the job done and save your precious device from some of the most dangerous situations (dropping your phone from a plane not covered).

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 14 Case

Spigen has upped its game with the new iPhone 14 Tough Armor case. It features all the technology from the previous generation - the shock-absorbing foam, the multi-layered design, featuring a hard exoskeleton polycarbonate shell, and a soft bumper and inner case. But this time in addition to all this, the iPhone 14 Tough Armor case is MagSafe compatible! That's right, there's a magnet integrated so you can use your favorite MagSafe accessories! Two color options are available.

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 14 Case

Magnet integrated shock absorption case

CaseBorne V iPhone 14 case with military-grade protection

We all know and love the Defender series from Otterbox but until these launch we have to deal with other models. For the early adopters and the most impatient ones, the CaseBorne V iPhone 14 case will do the trick.

This case offers military-grade protection, resulting in 21-feet drop protection, and some additional extras. This is all thanks to the multi-layered design of the case, offering things like a shock-absorbing foam, soft TPU, and a hard plastic outer shell. Plus, there are some cool color options.

CaseBorne ArmadilloTek V iPhone 14 Case

[Up to 21 Feet Drop Proof] - Military Grade Full Body Heavy Duty with Built-in Screen Protector

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 14 case

The pinnacle in smartphone protection comes from OtterBox in the face of the Defender series iPhone 14 cases. This case offers the ultimate protection - it boasts a multi-layer design with hard outer shells and soft inner frame, plus there are also port coverts to shield your phone from dirt and dust.

The OtterBox Defender iPhone 14 case sports a military-grade drop protection (4x as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)), and last but not least, it also takes care of the other spectrum of protection - not physical but biological - it has an antimicrobial coating that helps to kill off harmful bacteria. Also, there's a kickstand that doubles as a belt holster.

OtterBox - Defender Series Pro Hard Shell for Apple iPhone 14

4x as many drops as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6) Antimicrobial coating, Multi-layer design, Port covers
$38 97
$64 95
Buy at BestBuy

Best iPhone 14 leather cases

Going for a leather iPhone 14 case will not only add style to your new phone but also some protection and cool features - leather ages really well, even faux leather, if you want to be environmentally sensible (who doesn’t love animals?)

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 14

Mujjo is an institution when it comes to leather cases, and especially iPhone leather cases. The Full Leather iPhone 14 case is super slim, and super premium - it features machined metal buttons, Japanese microfiber on the inside, and of course - genuine leather.

The design has been praised by many, and its simplicity doesn't mean there's any sacrifices in protection - there are raised bezels around the display and the camera bump, so no edges are left exposed. This case has a 2-year warranty but even after that, it will only become more stylish courtesy of the noble patina each leather case gets when it ages.

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 14

Slim genuine leather, Raised bezels, Metal buttons,

TORRO iPhone 14 Leather Case 

If you want genuine leather after all, there's no better place to find it than with TORRO - a UK company specializing in luxury leather goods handcrafted from premium cowhide leather. The leather itself is sourced from the finest tanneries in the US and undergoes minimal treatment. Needless to say, it feels amazing an screams "style" but also offers a good level of protection.

TORRO Leather Case Compatible with iPhone 14

Genuine Leather MagSafe Compatible Bumper Case with Magnetically Detachable Cover with Kickstand

Best iPhone 14 Stylish cases

Sometimes it’s all about style, and leather just isn’t enough. You might want unicorns to ride off the edge of your iPhone 14, or some butterflies to flap their wings in awe on the velvety surface of your iPhone 14 case. Here are some artsy case picks for your new phone.

CASETiFY Impact Cases for iPhone 14

CASETiFY offers a huge variety of stylish iPhone 14 impact cases, with different patterns and flavors. From cool collages, through teddy bears, and oil paintings, all the way to some abstract artsy interpretations, you can have it all! These cases are not only stylish but they also feature military-grade protection (8.2-feet drop protection), and they're compatible with wireless chargers.

CASETiFY Impact Case for iPhone 14 - matt Darling Sticker Collage

8.2ft Drop Protection, EcoShock Protection Technology Military Grade Drop Tested (4x MIL-STD-810G)

kate spade new york - Protective Hardshell iPhone 14 Case - Leopard

Why not add some wild cat style to your new iPhone 14 with this kate spade protective hardshell case? Of course, you can choose different patterns, and some of them are less "in-your-face" but style is subjective, right?

This iPhone 14 case is not only for show, though. It offers some scratch and bump protection, and it's also pretty grippy, as it's made from soft TPU material. Also, it's extremely slim, and won't add bulk to the iPhone 14, just style.

kate spade new york iPhone 14 case

Protective Hardshell Case Magsafe compatible Wireless charging compatible


This iPhone 14 cases pick will get bigger and bigger with time! The iPhone 14 has just been released, so expect cases to pop up like mushrooms after rain. Check this space regularly, as we'll be adding new cases in the following days.
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