Black Friday deals at Best Buy 2023: Recap

Best Buy Black Friday deals 2023: Recap
With Black Friday now in the rearview mirror, let's take a moment to recap the fantastic deals that graced this year's event. The discounts were undeniably sweet, and if you managed to snag a thing or two, you were lucky. Best Buy went all out, particularly with significant discounts on flagship items, making it a noteworthy shopping spree for tech enthusiasts.

During the event at Best Buy, you could have seized the opportunity to grab the newest and coolest Google flagship—the Pixel 8 Pro—at a rather tempting $200 off! If the latest model wasn't your focus, the Pixel 7 Pro was enjoying a discounted price of $250.

The flagship OnePlus 11 also joined the festivities with a cool $170 price drop. And for those eyeing a foldable experience, luck was on your side—the Google Pixel Fold was flaunting a generous 22% discount, a whopping $400 less than its usual tag!

It wasn't just smartphones soaking up the discount love—smartwatches got a piece of the action, too! The Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) rocked a $200 price drop, the fabulous Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic sizzled with an $80 discount, and to top it off, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 joined the party with $60 off! Oh, and the latest Apple Watch Series 9 was discounted by $50 from its original price!

By the way, if you're interested what the deals were like in another retailer, feel free to check out our Walmart Black Friday deals article.

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Best Buy phone deals

Last year, Best Buy's Black Friday phone deals were a hit, and this year's offerings continued the trend. The powerful Galaxy S22 Ultra had a substantial $300 discount, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra followed suit. Smaller siblings, the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 received discounts of $250 and $100 respectively.

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Samsung's foldable phones saw aggressive price cuts: $400 off on the Z Fold 4 and $200 off on the Z Flip 4. Oh, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 received equally enticing discounts, the former being down by $200.

OnePlus phones at Best Buy during Black Friday last year offered massive discounts, with the OnePlus 10 Pro at $250 off and the OnePlus 9 Pro at $350 off. The trend continued with the newer model, the OnePlus 11, discounted by 21% or $170. The newest Google family members, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were available at a whopping discount of up to $200! So, as you can see, Black Friday was a good time to upgrade your tech experience.

Best Buy Samsung tablets and iPad deals

Black Friday brought fantastic deals for tablet and iPad buyers at Best Buy. Some of the most epic Black Friday tablet deals appeared on Best Buy. The retailer usually has generous discounts on hot and premium models from Samsung, like the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which we find is one of the best performers in the Android tablet market during our review on it. But that's not all—this year, its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, took center stage with a whopping $400 discount.

Even Apple products saw unusual discounts, with the iPad Air (5th generation) and the latest iPad Mini both marked down by $100. Best Buy also catered to those seeking more budget-friendly options with significant sales on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and multiple Surface Pro tablets. It was a noteworthy Black Friday for tech enthusiasts.

Best Buy smartwatch deals

This year, we saw hot Black Friday smartwatch offers, just like last year. Discounts of around $50 were offered on both the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the latest Apple Watch Series 9. The Apple Watch SE 2nd generation was a steal with a sweet $60 off. 

Samsung enthusiasts enjoyed discounts ranging from $50-$70 on the Galaxy Watch 6 series, and the heavily discounted Galaxy Watch 4 was available for under $200. Garmin and Fitbit smartwatches were also part of the discounted lineup, making Best Buy the go-to place for scoring a new timepiece at a bargain during Black Friday.

Best Buy deals on headphones and earbuds

Deals on headphones and earbuds were very strong during the sale event. Best Buy offered a diverse range of Black Friday headphone deals, spanning from budget-friendly earbuds to premium headphones for audiophiles.

Sought-after models from Apple and Samsung were also on the discount list. Galaxy Buds models boasted around 40% off, while AirPods saw approximately 20% discounts. Notably, various Sony models and the German brand Sennheiser enjoyed significant discounts, with Sennheiser offering up to an impressive 50% off.

Best Buy deals on laptops

Best Buy sweetened the deal on various tech gadgets during the sale, and laptops weren't left out. A notable $150 discount was available on the M2 MacBook Air 13-inches, emphasizing the rarity of Apple gear discounts during sales—an impressive offer to grab.

Is Best Buy having Black Friday deals on phones?

Absolutely! Best Buy consistently delivers some of the best Black Friday deals on phones every year. As seen in the previous event, great deals were abundant. While some may require carrier activation, it's worth noting that many deals may not even demand that step.

When do the Best Buy Black Friday deals start?

Black Friday is usually the last Friday of November, just after Thanksgiving. Best Buy's deals often start around the week preceding the official start of Black Friday. 

Are Best Buy Black Friday phone deals worth it?

Best Buy is one of the retailers that has generous deals on phones, and it's deals are definitely worth it. Some require carrier activation, while other don't, so it's important to check weather the deal you like requires you to activate your phone with a carrier. Best Buy also offers subscriptions with some device purchases, which is a nice touch as well. Overall, Best Buy is a reliable place to shop during the sales.

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