Apple's AirPods Max are cheaper than ever before in no less than four different colors

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Apple's AirPods Max are cheaper than ever before in no less than four different colors
Well, this is odd. Just 24 hours after seeing Amazon-owned Woot charge less for a brand-new pair of AirPods Pro than the e-tailer's parent company did during its big Prime Day celebration earlier this week, it's now the AirPods Max's turn to drop to their lowest ever price.

The latest killer deal on Apple's first-ever over-ear headphones comes straight from Amazon rather than its aforementioned subsidiary, and by far the best thing about it is that it doesn't require a Prime membership.

Basically, you don't need to jump through any sort of hoops or meet any type of special requirements to shave a decent (albeit far from earth-shattering) 60 bucks off the $549 list price of the AirPods Max in your choice of green, sky blue, and space gray paint jobs.

The snazzy pink flavor is marked down by a slightly humbler $58.70 that nonetheless makes it more affordable than ever for a presumably limited time only, while the silver model is actually a tad more expensive than just last week at a modest $42.51 discount right now.

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Commercially released near the end of last year after an extremely lengthy wait, the AirPods Max continued to keep many early adopters waiting for their deliveries until this spring. That suggested initial demand was quite strong, but consumer interest may have subsequently subsided.

That would definitely explain Amazon's increasingly attractive offers of the past month or so. Of course, that's not exactly a big surprise given that many of the other top-notch high-end Bluetooth wireless headphones available in 2021 are normally a lot cheaper than 550 bucks a pair.

That's not to say the AirPods Max are bad, earning quite a bit of praise in our in-depth review back in January for their outstanding sound clarity and detail, unrivaled Transparency Mode, overall convenience and clean design. But if you also consider a few of their glaring flaws, like the so-so active noise cancellation technology or the bland and rigid equalizer, you might be inclined to wait for a deeper price cut... or simply buy the top-shelf Sony WH-1000XM4 instead.

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