AirPods Max delivery dates pushed back to as late as March 2021; check out the official videos

AirPods Max delivery dates pushed back to as late as March 2021; check out the official videos
As we told you this morning, Apple has launched the new AirPods Max wireless headphones. The accessory is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (which filters out background noises), Transparency mode (which allows background noises to be heard), and Siri support. With ANC on, the device will run as long as 20 hours on a single charge and if you need a quick energy refill, five minutes of charging will provide enough juice for as much as 90 minutes of usage. The wearable comes bundled with a Smart Case that puts the AirPods Max into an "ultralow power state" to help the batteries retain their power when the headphones are not in use. The device is priced at $549.

Apple has already released some video pertaining to the AirPods Max including one called "Introducing AirPods Max." Narrated by Evans Hankey, VP of Industrial Design, the video shows close-up images of the headphones including the ear cups, the suspension system, and the telescoping headband that allows the product "to fit a wide range of head sizes." And following Hankey we hear a second narrator with a British accent and for one brief moment, you might think that Jony Ive has returned. But no, it is Gary Geaves, VP of Acoustics who is discussing how custom drivers are responsible for the high-fidelity sound on the device.

The second video is called Journey into Sound and features a song called "Polarizer" by Cid Rim which creates an eerie outer space feeling. The video makes it seem as though the AirPods Max is a satellite orbiting the universe while someone who looks like an astronaut floating in space is actually lying in bed with the headphones on.

There are signs that demand for the AirPods Max is high. Apple is accepting pre-orders and will start shipping on December 15th. According to AppleInsider, some models have already sold out. The Sky Blue version  of the AirPods Max, if ordered now, will arrive in March 2021. The variant of the wearable in Pink has an estimated delivery date of January 15th through the 22nd while the Green model is expected to start shipping January 8th through the 15th.
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