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Hot new report tackles Apple's all-5G 2022 iPhone lineup and imminent AirPods 3 launch

Hot new report tackles Apple's all-5G 2022 iPhone lineup and imminent AirPods 3 launch
Unlike this year, when Apple is expected to release just four new iPhone models in total, 2022 could see that number go up to five after the second rebirth of the affordable SE.

Unlike 2020, when the Cupertino-based tech giant swam against the 5G tide to stick with 4G LTE connectivity for the revived iPhone SE, every single new variant coming out this year and the next is all but guaranteed to adopt the latest cellular standard.

That includes 2021's four iPhone 13 family members, as well as 2022's four iPhone 14-series devices, and perhaps most notably, the third-gen iPhone SE widely rumored to see daylight at some point next year.

A budget-friendly 5G-capable iPhone 8 lookalike with an A15 chipset

You know that Digitimes report a couple of days back calling for an H1 2022 debut for an Apple A14 Bionic-powered iPhone SE 3 with 5G support? Well, Nikkei's sources are already here to debunk it... or at least one very important part of it.

Expected out "as early as the first half of 2022", the "budget 5G iPhone" could pack an even newer and faster A15 chipset, which may sound insane at first but actually makes a great deal of sense when you think about it a little.

After all, the iPhone SE (2020) is equipped with the same state-of-the-art Apple A13 Bionic SoC as 2019's iPhone 11 roster, so we don't think Cupertino would make its cash-strapped fans happy if the iPhone SE (2022) ends up sharing its processor with 2020's iPhone 12 family. 

Of course, all of this means the third-gen iPhone SE can't possibly come with both a 2021 SoC and a 2021 design, instead looking to make yet another major compromise in the latter department by strongly resembling the iPhone 8 on the outside.

Yes, ladies and gents, we're afraid those massive bezels and that 4.7-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels are set to live another year, which is the price you need to pay for being able to pay as little as $500 or even $400 for 5G speeds and A15 muscle.

In addition to this iPhone SE 3, Nikkei's sources largely reiterate what other publications and tipsters have forecasted on the iPhone 14 front of late, calling for a 5G-enabled quartet lacking a Mini version after the modest sales results of last year's 5.4-inch handset.

Apple could instead bet big on... big-screen iPhones, preparing two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch models for next year, with the latter duo including a non-Pro Max variant likely to cost as little as $900 and thus slotting below the smaller iPhone 14 Pro on the company's totem pole.

The AirPods 3 will finally break cover... soon

Although we know Apple often likes to make its own rules when it comes to upgrading and refreshing products, it still has been a little surprising to see the tech giant resist the temptation of releasing new AirPods to fend off the steady flow of improved competitors.

We're still waiting for a sequel to the early 2019-released second-gen AirPods, mind you, and after months and months of idle speculation, said sequel is now reportedly ready to start production sometime in August.

Next month just so happens to mark the expected production kick-off for the oft-rumored iPhone 13 lineup as well, so there's a very good chance the third-gen AirPods will be unveiled alongside the 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max handsets in September.

The non-Pro upgraded AirPods have long been tipped to bring state-of-the-art active noise cancellation technology to a lower price point, which would obviously make them even more competitive against the other top contenders for the title of best true wireless earbuds money can buy.

In total, Apple is projected to ship over 230 million iPhone units this year and 240 million in 2022, riding the 5G for all wave and capitalizing on "better product planning" to post a small but meaningful growth in line with the global smartphone market recovery as a whole.
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