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What should we expect at CES 2010

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CES, the world´s largest consumer electronics tradeshow takes off January 7, 2010 and we, the PhoneArena team will be reporting live from the event for fifth consecutive year, so you better stay tuned for the latest news from the cell phone world. There is still enough time to prepare as the eagerly anticipated date draws near, but the official information on what we are to expect at the event is, however, still sketchy at best - Synaptics will showcase its concept cell phone called the Fuse, Sprint and LG are planning to bring joy to the lives of many by introducing a brand new device and not last, the manufacturer intends to announce three new handsets that allow for digital TV. At the time of this piece of news, there are still no rumors on what´s in store at CES 2010, but there are lots of unofficial details on handsets that, sooner or later, should be introduced to the general public. We have compiled pretty much everything we know about them here and do hope to get to see many of these devices at the upcoming event.


The HTC Passion – the rumor has it this is the CDMA version of the HTC Nexus One (also known as the Google Phone) and unofficial details about it just keep coming in by dribs and drabs. The latest leaked information on the Nexus One indicates that Google will most probably introduce the handset January 5. We do hope to see it at the exhibition and possibly, unearth further details on its CDMA version.

The Palm Pre Plus is the second most intriguing handset that we cherish hopes to see at the exhibition. There is still absolutely no information on the differences between the new device and the original Pre.

Version of the Palm Pixi codenamed P121EEW already passed FCC testing about two weeks ago and that was when the first speculations that it would roll out through Verizon sprang to life. According to the latest information, the carrier has already ordered 600,000 units.

The Motorola Devour A555 (also known as the Calgary) is the fourth device that we dearly hope to get our hands on at CES 2010 and something tells us we will probably see it with the logo of Big Red on it. The alleged junior sibling of the DROID is expected to feature 3MP camera, Android 2.1 and run the MOTOBLUR interface.

The BlackBerry Essex 9650 (most probably the Tour2) - a picture of the handset with Verizon´s logo on it has already been leaked on the Internet and the rumor goes the major difference to the original Tour is the presence of a Wi-Fi module.

The LG VS750 is the last device on the list of handsets that we think are likely to show up at the fair. One of our trusted tipsters dropped a word in our ears that actually, this is going to be the first LG-made smartphone to roll out through Verizon. Supposedly, the handset is a CDMA/GSM hybrid based on Windows Mobile 6.5.


The Motorola Backflip (also known as the Motus and Enzo) – leaked pictures of the cell phone have revealed that AT&T is laying plans to add it to their product catalogue, although it´s still anybody´s guess when this is to happen. Who said CES?

The HTC Hero is yet another Android-based handset that is, allegedly, to be released by the same carrier. One of our devoted tipsters mentioned certain details on the matter some time ago, but we are still waiting to see if the rumor speaks true.

The Acer Liquid А1 has passed FCC testing running on 3G frequencies compatible with AT&T´s network, which added fuel to the fire and caused quite a few tongues to wag. We do know that Acer has been preparing to invade the American cell phone market and frankly, we see absolutely no reason why the manufacturer shouldn´t be cooperating with AT&T.

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