Palm to have 600,000 Pixis on hand for Verizon launch?

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Palm to have 600,000 Pixis on hand for Verizon launch?
WebOS is looking to take back some of the spotlight that the Android platform has been steadily receiving with their continuous release of handsets. Palm may not have struck gold with the Pre over at Sprint, but they’re looking to gain more exposure through Verizon Wireless. With that in mind, Palm has amassed roughly around 600,000 Palm Pixis slated for delivery in the first quarter of next year. That figure is down from the rumored 800,000 that was on order from ODM Compal – it seems that some units have failed Verizon’s rigorous equipment certification process. As for Big Red, they’re embarking on a journey that will place them in a perfect spot with having one of the best handset offerings – the addition of the Palm Pixi clearly shows their competitive nature. Even though a decent chunk of units failed testing, we’re hoping that it does not push back the release date of the Pixi.

Palm Pixi Specifications | Review (Sprint)

source: DigiTimes via Engadgetmobile


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