Motorola's iDEN Android, Opus One, is stolen and used to make video

Motorola's iDEN Android, Opus One, is stolen and used to make video
Recently we passed along the word that Motorola was going to produce the first iDEN model powered by Android. The Motorola Opus One is expected to head for Sprint's Nextel network with PTT capabilities. A video was made using the Opus by YouTube'r Jay84305. Well, it turns out that Mr. 84305 got a hold of his "Engineer Prototype" version of the Opus One in a non-conventional way. He allegedly stole it, according to IntoMobile, from South Beach.

Anyway, thanks to the theft, we do know that the Opus One is real and is Nextel bound with a possible second stop at Boost Mobile. It is powered in the video by the cupcake sweetness of Android 1.5, but that could be upgraded to 2.0 or even 2.1 by launch next year(that's launch-not lunch). Under the battery cover it says "p1_opusone" in the space for model name.

The story of the theft is that Jay84305 had picked up the device after a Motorola or Sprint employee dropped it by their car. He almost gave it back, but decided to keep it after making a rather unflattering judgment about the man. In the second video, he says that he doesn't know what to do with the handset because it is just a regular phone. The first video was removed by YouTube, but videos 2 through 5 remain for your viewing pleasure.

source: IntoMobile

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