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Wednesday´s News Bits

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Wednesday´s News Bits
  • The Motorola CLIQ got rooted at last. The Android handset has been around for some time now, it wasn´t until recently when the device was finally hacked. Owners of the handset can finally install different software via various ROMs and although there are none as of now, we believe the Android community will come up with something soon. (source: Android Central)

  • The chance of people crashing their cars against objects if texting while driving is substantial. According to a study by LiveScience, the risk of involuntarily smashing into objects is about six times greater for people who text while driving their vehicles as compared to those who remain focused on their driving. (source: Softpedia)

  • The next iPhone will be announced between June 28 and July 2, 2010? The rumor has it the new handset will get officially disclosed at WWDC, the conference where new generations of the handset are traditionally revealed and the next event is to take place in the above mentioned period in San Francisco. (source: Apple Insider)

  • Paperboy for the iPhone has been released. The game is based on the classic arcade title with the same name that was extremely popular back in the 80s. So, what is the game all about? You step into the shoes of a newspaper delivery boy and your main goals are to do your job properly and navigate throughout the city on your bike, trying to avoid hitting the obstacles on the road. Paperboy can be yours for $4.99. (source: Pocket Gamer)

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