Tuesday´s News Bits

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Tuesday´s News Bits
  • A new Android handset - the Highscreen Zeus from Russia with love and QWERTY keyboard. The phone sports 3.2-inch screen, 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, 3.5mm jack and GPS. The manufacturer Vobis Computers already offers the device for 317 EUR. (source: Mobile-Review)

  • TopStocks is a webOS application based on information from Google Finance. Anyone who´s interested in the stock exchange can get the trial version free of charge or buy the full edition for $4.95. (source: Top Stocks)

  • AT&T releases two new plans aimed at people who call Canadian phones or travel to the country often. More details on “Nation with Canada” and “FamilyTalk with Canada” can be found via the source link: AT&T

  • Engineer turns his cell phone into a microscope. According to the inventor, the device can come in pretty handy, especially in remote places away from properly equiped hospitals. One of the prototypes can actually send blood test results directly to medical facilities thanks to dedicated software developed for the device. (source: NY Times)

  • The first iPhone virus is here! The bug seems to infect jailbroken devices running SSH with the default password "alpine" unchanged. The virus doesn´t cause damage really, it just replaces your wallpaper with a photo of a famous pop singer of the 80s and a line saying "ikee is never going to give you up". Still, the fact that such a program exists hints at more to come, which is distressing news for iPhone owners. (source: IT Wire)


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