Samsung takes down GTA V sticky bomb Note 7 mod video


It took Samsung more than two weeks to respond to the sticky bomb mod created by a GTA V fan, but the company's answer seems rather hasty, not a well-weighed decision.

The South Korean company has issued a DMCA takedown aimed at the YouTube video showing the GTA V mod created by user HitmanNiko. Google complied and removed the video, so now those who want to watch it are met with the following message:

The problem is HitmanNiko did not copy anything, so the DMCA shouldn't have been enforced by Google. We don't know if the creator of the video appealed Samsung's request, but the good news is the sticky bomb mod video is still available for viewing on other YouTube channels.

Although it was to be expected that Samsung would take offense to the idea of Galaxy Note 7 being used as a bomb in a high-profile game, the way the company chose to deal with it seems completely inadequate.

If you're not familiar with the GTA V game or the sticky bomb mod video, we're letting you know that you haven't missed too much. The GTA V mod turns the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into an in-game weapon, a grenade.

Even though Samsung's DMCA has been validated by Google for now, it remains to be seen whether or not the South Korean company will act similarly against other YouTube users who uploaded the video on their channels. You see, completely erasing a video from the Internet is not an easy task.

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source: YouTube via The Verge

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