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Samsung could be dropping out of the megapixel wars with the Galaxy S22, S22+

Galaxy S22 camera rumors call for megapixel reduction
Galaxy S22 rumors haven't begun arriving by the dozen just yet as it's simply too early, but you simply can't stop the floodgates about Samsung's next flagships.

The latest hearsay comes from leakster Front Tron, who is the latest to spill some beans on the Galaxy S22 camera situation. According to the leaker, Samsung will drop out of the megapixel wars as far as it more modest flagships are concerned and "only" settle for a 50MP main camera on the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus' camera loadouts, while the ultrawide and 3x telephoto lenses will use 12MP sensors.

This latest bit of information isn't anything totally new. We've known about Samsung's new 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor that has 1.4μm-sized pixels ever since its announcement this February, and from the looks of it, this sensor or an eventual successor could be snapping pics on a Galaxy near you next year.

Surely, this rumor only relates to the allegedly plastic Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+; it isn't taking into account the secondary long zoom that's expected to make the round on the class-leading Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

The latest piece of info we've heard about the super-spec'd flagship is that it could come with a 200MP main camera with 0.64µm pixels, which would further escalate the megapixel wars in the ultra premium segment. What's more, an improved periscope zoom is expected to make the rounds on the S22 Ultra, which quickly rounds up as a rather interesting device.

As always, take this rumor with a healthy amount of salt.
As far as some other S22-series specs are concerned, we expect a Galaxy S22 with a 6.06" display, an S22+ with a 6.55" one, and an S22 Ultra with a LTPO 6.81", which will allow for a superior spread of the variable refresh rate, likely between 1Hz and 120Hz like the S21 Ultra. 

The other two phones will still feature displays with variable refresh, but the margin won't be as large. Interestingly, the next Galaxies will actually feature smaller displays than their predecessors: 6.06" vs 6.2"; 6.55" vs 6.7"; and 6.81" vs 6.9".

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