Monday´s News Bits

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Monday´s News Bits
  • T-Mobile adds the white RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 to their catalogue. The price of the handset is $129 after rebate, if you sign up for a two year agreement. White is all the rage this season and the number of devices rolling out in white clothes is growing. We now expect to see the white BlackBerry Bold that is coming through AT&T. (source: PhoneNews)

  • According to Gartner, about 14.5% of all smartphones in 2012 will be running Android. This means the Google-made OS is about to come out second with Symbian remaining the undisputed leader of the pack, powering 39% of all smart devices at that time, while Apple´s iPhone OS is expected to make it off with the bronze medal. Full analysis of the reasons behind the Android´s possible market ascension can be found via the source link: ComputerWorld

  • Nokia admits to faulty camera of the N97. The high-end smartphone of the manufacturer can sometimes damage the camera lens, due to the overly tight mechanism that is supposed to protect the lens in the first place. Nokia goes on to recommend that all N97 owners visit the nearest store if they happen to encounter such an issue. (source: Nokia Users)

  • Puff! is an app for the iPhone that helps you... erm, peek under the skirts of Asian chicks by blowing into the microphone. You can relish the guilty pleasure if you´re willing to fork out $1 to get yourself a copy. (via: Textually)

  • The Toshiba Biblio is a handset focused on book-reading. The device is equipped with a touch-sensitive display and side-sliding keyboard utilizing the Morphpad technology MFLEX that changes the keyboard depending on the screen orientation, i.e. portrait or landscape mode. (source: Business Wire)


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