Monday´s News Bits

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Monday´s News Bits
  • Samsung expands their eco-friendly lineup with the Lydford S5500. The handset won´t feature auxiliary, solar cells power supply like the Blue Earth, but will be made of recycled materials and come with a special, power efficient wall charger. Save the latter features, the handset looks like an ordinary quad-band GSM coming in slider form factor. It features 3G (HSDPA) support, 3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and microSD slot. Apparently, aside from being eco-friendly, the S5500 will be wallet-friendly as well. (source: Samsung Hub)

  • You can now edit Office 2007 files on the iPhone, thanks to the latest version of Quickoffice. The app supports both Word and Excel files and its price remains the same - $14.99 from App Store. The iPhone has just gotten better. (source: IntoMobile)

  • Those of you who feel like getting rngtones for the their iPhone from iTunes will have to fork out $1.29 per one, the rest can take advantage of the multitude of free MP3 editing apps.We don´t suppose many of you will like the brand new idea of Apple on how to keep raking it in and can´t say we do either. The company plans to kick off their ringtone selling service next week by offering 30 sec. long "cut and paste" audio tracks for a "reasonable" price. You can have as many as you want and in a snap - just cut/copy part of a song, save the piece as an AAC file, change its extension to .m4r and upload it to your iPhone, it´s as easy as it gets. (source: AreaCellphone)

  • Samsung is working on an LTE modem for portable devices. Also known as the Kalmia, the gadget will allow download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload at 50Mbps. The manufacturer has already confirmed they are to roll out quite a few products that support LTE in 2010, including cell phones. (source: Samsung Hub)


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