Monday´s News Bits

Monday´s News Bits
  • The Federal Trade Commission has approved Sprint´s takeover of Virgin Mobile. The deal will allow Sprint to enhance their pre-paid range of services and further expand their customer base that now runs to some 49.1mln users. (source: Newsfactor)

  • Sirius XM has released an accessory that turns the iPhone into a satellite radio. SkyDock connects to your car charger slot and can receive broadcasts from the XM´s satellite directly, meaning you won´t need internet connectivity. It´s expected to roll out this autumn at a price of $120. (source: The Business Insider)

  • Software update for the Nokia N97, version 12.0.024/12.1.024/12.2.024 is now available. The new update aims at improving the overall functionality of the handset, optimizing the browser cache. Moreover, it comes with a new Ovi store version that allows users to download various widgets. (source: Nokia)

  • Samsung to launch their European app store on 14 September. Initially it will be accesible from France, Italy and the UK by people using the Omnia i8910 HD. The service will become available in another 30 countries later on and support for latest generation smartphones like the Omnia II and OMNIA Lite is to follow suit. (source: NewWire)

  • A Sony Ericsson W595 version featuring Ed Hardy-made tattoos rolls out in Netherlands. Mr. Hardy´s creations can be found not only on people, but on a wide range of products like memory sticks and clothing. People who like his artwork will certainly find the new W595 version quite appealing. We just hope it becomes available outside of Netherlands as well. (source: Mobiwoo)

FCC OKs Cingular\'s purchase of AT&T Wireless