Weekly deals under $200: Moto G Power 5G (2023), bargain portable power station, and more epic discounts

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Weekly tech deals under $200
Think twice before considering your thirst for tech can't be quenched under $200! This week's iteration of our budget tech deals will prove you wrong in style. Whether you're in the market for a Galaxy tablet, a budget phone, or perhaps a set of quality headphones, you've definitely come to the right place.

Are you planning to host a party or go out on a picnic with your friends this weekend? In such a case, you might also want to check out the top-notch Bluetooth speakers we found for under $200 this week. Of course, no deal list would be complete without several smartwatch models at steep discounts. So, we've done our homework and included some of these in this week's deals roundup.

Let's warm up the bargain hunter within you with this week's top three deals under $200 before we move on.

Get BLUETTI EB3A and save 34% on Amazon this week

The BLUETTI EB3A delivers safe 600W power through two Pure SIne Wave AC outlets. It has a 268Wh capacity and nine outlets in total, helping you power essentials during a power outage. It supports solar power and six ways of recharging. You can get one now at $101 off through Amazon's limited-time deal.

Get the Moto G 5G (2023) at $100 off via Motorola.com

The Moto G 5G (2023) is once again available at its lowest price at the official store, making it a sure hit for cash-strapped Android users looking for their next budget phone. This device is 5G ready, features a 6.5-inch 120Hz screen, and offers plenty of battery life.
$149 99
$249 99
Buy at Motorola

4/64GB Lenovo Tab M9 (2023): now 34% off at Lenovo

The official Lenovo store now offers the entry-level 4/64GB Tab M9 (2023) at an unbeatable price! The slate currently sells under $100, which is typically a price reserved for the base model with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. With a 9-inch display and dual speakers, it's perfect for casual media consumption.
$98 99
$149 99
Buy at Lenovo

This week's top three offers are quite impressive. We're talking, of course, about the Tab M9 (2023), whose 4/64GB version hasn't seen such a low price tag at Lenovo in months! The BLUETTI EB3A is a suitable choice for cash-strapped users who want a power source for home backup. It's now available at its lowest price on Amazon.

Finishing off the top three deals in style is Motorola's Moto G 5G (2023). This one remains at its best price at the official store, and you can save even more by providing an eligible trade-in.

Must-have phones under $200

Motorola Moto G Power 5G (2023): save $100!

Motorola's affordable battery beast remains under $200 at the official store. Although it has a successor, the phone remains a great choice for undemanding users on a budget. The device offers good value for money with its 6.5-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rates, plenty of storage, and a MediaTek processor.
$199 99
$299 99
Buy at Motorola

Galaxy A15 5G: 15% off at Walmart

If you want a Galaxy phone, you might want to check out the Galaxy A15 5G at Walmart. It's now available at 15% off, landing it under $180, but you need to add it to the cart to see the actual price. Keep in mind that the phone is advertised as slightly more expensive at its regular price than it actually is.
$199 99
Buy at Walmart

Galaxy A14 5G: save 10% at Amazon

Another option from Samsung comes at discounted prices at Amazon. The Galaxy A14 5G is currently available for just under $180, which saves you $21. Although not that impressive, the discount is not all that bad, considering that the phone arrives at a pretty affordable price anyway.

If you're looking for maximum battery life on the cheap, the Motorola Moto G Power 5G (2023) is undoubtedly the one to pick. This puppy already has a successor, but it's still a great choice for undemanding users on a budget. Plus, it's still $100 cheaper than usual.

Speaking of tight budgets, the Galaxy A15 5G may be just what you need if you absolutely demand a Super AMOLED screen on your Android phone. This bad boy is discounted at Walmart. Note, however, that its price is only revealed once you put it in the cart.

If this sounds like too much hassle, perhaps Amazon's offer on the Galaxy A14 5G will tickle your fancy. Over there, the phone sells at $20 off.

Tablet excitements in the sub-$200 range are here to stay!

Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) 128GB: Save $77 at Lenovo!

In case you need more storage space, Lenovo is selling the Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) with 128GB of storage at $77 off its price. This tablet has a 10.6-inch 2K screen and runs on Android 12 out of the box. Under the hood, it's equipped with a MediaTek processor, giving you reasonable performance for a budget tablet.
$152 99
$229 99
Buy at Lenovo

Amazon Fire Max 11: save $50 this week!

Amazon gives you its most powerful tablet to date, the Fire Max 11, at a much more affordable price. The 64GB slate is now available just under the $180 mark. This device has an 11-inch screen and a sleek aluminum chassis. This is the model with Lockscreen Ads.

Get the Galaxy Tab A9+ (64GB) at 23% off on Amazon

The Galaxy Tab A9+ with 64GB of storage now sells at $50 off on Amazon, just like its Fire Max 11. The Samsung tablet is now 27% cheaper on Amazon, yet only for a short while. This device gives you quite a bit of value for your money with its 11-inch screen with high resolution and 90Hz refresh rates and Snapdragon 695 chipset.

Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen): now 22% off at Lenovo

The Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) can now be yours at an incredible price through this cool Amazon deal. Prices for this entry-level slate with 32GB of internal storage have once again taken a deep dive, and the device can now be yours for just under $80! Don't miss out.
$77 71
$99 99
Buy at Lenovo

Lenovo Tab M11 with Stylus: save 26% now

If you'd like your new tablet to arrive alongside its compatible stylus, safely pick Lenovo's Tab M11 deal. This puppy now arrives at discounted prices AND sells with the Tab Pen! If you're quick enough, you can save $58 on the bundle! Don't miss out.
$161 99
$219 99
Buy at Lenovo

Mind you, it's not just the Tab M9 (2023) that sees a generous price cut at the official Lenovo store. As you've seen above, many other affordable models from the brand have been bitten by the discount bug. For instance, the Tab M8 (4th Gen) hovers below the $80 mark, something we haven't seen in quite a while.

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The recently launched Tab M11 remains another top-notch choice, especially for users who want a compatible pen in their tablet box. This one is 26% off via the official store.

And if you don't care much about Lenovo's products, we suggest the budget tablets Galaxy Tab A9+ or Fire Max 11. Both of these are available at lower prices on Amazon.

Get a cool smartwatch for less than $200 while you're at it!

Fitbit Charge 6: now 13% off at Amazon

If you don't feel like using a smartwatch, why not consider a premium fitness tracker? The Fitbit Charge 6 is just the one to check out at its current 13% discount on Amazon. The wearable has an integrated sleep and multisport tracker, plus it monitors your heart rate.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S: Save $141 on Amazon!

Save $141 on the sleek Garmin Vivoactive 4S by taking advantage of this deal! The watch is loaded with features and can last up to seven days on a single charge. It's a real bargain for someone on a budget at its current price. Act fast and snatch one at 43% off on Amazon while you can.

Garmin Instinct 2: save $100 at Amazon

Garmin's tougher-than-tough Instinct 2 is now available at Best Buy at $100 off its price tag. The smartwatch lets you break the shackles of daily charging by offering an enormous up to 28 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. It has various sensors to track and monitor heart rate, sleep, stress levels, and more.
$199 99
$299 99
Buy at BestBuy

Save up to $310 on Galaxy Watch 6 Classic at Samsung.com

If you pick the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, you should prepare a trade-in! This timepiece sells at about $340, discounted by $60 before trade-ins. But if you provide a trade-in like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, you can save another $200! Trading in an old Galaxy Watch 5 Pro gives you the max trade-in credit of $250.
$89 99
$399 99
Buy at Samsung

Arguably the best deal this week comes straight from Samsung. It's for none other than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. This puppy currently sells for under $100 with an eligible device trade-in. Then again, the 43mm model is way above the $200 mark before trade-ins.

If you aren't used to wearing smartwatches, consider Fitbit's Charge 6. This fitness tracker is now under $140 on Amazon. Should you want something much more rugged than Samsung's timeless wearable, Garmin's Instinct 2 might be the one for you. It's now $100 off at Best Buy.

Deals on headphones and earbuds under $200 that will blow your mind

OnePlus Buds Pro 2: Save 28% on Amazon

The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 can now be yours at an incredible price on Amazon. The earbuds are again 28% off. They're equipped with ANC, offer loud and clear sound, and can keep your tunes going strong for up to 39 hours with the charging case.

Get the Galaxy Buds 2 and save 35% on Walmart

Walmart now sells the Galaxy Buds 2 in Graphite at 35% off their price tag. For their sub-$100 price tag, the earbuds offer fantastic audio with EQ customizations, top-notch ANC technology and decent battery life, making them a sure hit for bargain hunters.
$97 10
Buy at Walmart

Sennheiser Momentum 3: save 57% at Woot

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 are 57% off at Amazon-owned retailer Woot. The earbuds are brand-new and arrive with a two-year manufacturer warranty. They feature ANC and deliver up to seven hours of playtime per charge or 28 hours with the wireless charging case. This is a limited-time offer.
$119 99
$279 95
Buy at Woot

Save $170 on the Beats Studio Pro at Amazon

The fantastic Beats Studio Pro are now available at their second-best price, as Amazon has slashed a whopping $170 off their price tag. The headset offers quality ANC, impressive 360-degree immersive sound, and lossless audio via USB-C. They also have up to 40 hours of battery life! Get yours through Amazon's limited-time offer!

Beats Solo 4: 25% off on Amazon this week

The Beats Solo 4 lack ANC but offer Personalized Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, lossless audio via USB-C, and up to 50 hours of listening time. The headset additionally supports fast charging and has a dedicated 3.5mm audio port. These quality headphones are currently 25% off on Amazon across three available colors, though only for a limited time.

Save 35% on Beats Solo 3 at Amazon (Silver model only)

Get a pair of Beats Solo3 through this deal and save $70. The headphones have good sound, and satisfactory battery life, and are great for someone wanting to get a pair of Beats headphones without breaking the bank. Get yours at Amazon.

Amazon sells the Google Pixel Buds at 30% off

Google fans are once again given a stunning chance to get the fantastic Pixel Buds Pro at lower prices. Amazon now sells the ANC earbuds at 30% off. With quality ANC, satisfactory audio, and up to 31 hours of battery life with the charging case, these are a must-have for Google users at their current price.

The JBL Tune Buds are still under $70 at Amazon

Budget ANC earbuds JBL Tune Buds are still 30% off their price tag at Amazon. These earbuds have active noise cancelling with Smart Ambient, support the latest Bluetooth version, and offer a long battery life of up to 10 hours per charge. The charging case yields up to 30 hours of extra listening time.

From the Beats Solo 4 to the Galaxy Buds 2 and beyond, there's something for any and every taste this week. The latest Beats headphones are now 25% off, while the Studio Pro continue to enjoy their massive $170 price cut.

In the earbuds department, we've got the Pixel Buds Pro at 30% off. The same markdown has been awarded to the already budget-friendly JBL Tune Buds. Another option that sells under $130 is, of course, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. These loud earbuds are up for grabs at Amazon.

Get the party started with these sub-$200 Bluetooth speakers!

Save 29% on the Marshall Emberton II at Amazon

The wonderful Marshall Emberton II may be small, but it's robust and ready to surprise you The speaker is 29% off at Amazon. It features a P67 rating to keep water and dust at bay while blasting 360-degree Marshall signature sound that rocks your senses. Offering a mammoth 30-hour battery life on a single charge, the Emberton II is incredible indeed. Get yours at $50 off.

JBL Charge 5 is now 22% off its price tag at Aamzon

Get the great-sounding JBL Charge 5 at Amazon and save $40 in the process. The speaker delivers great and loud sound and can double as a power bank so you never miss a beat. Get yours at $40 off on Amazon while you can.

Marshall Willen: now 25% off on Amazon

The small but powerful Marshall Willen is 25% off at Amazon. The speaker features Bluetooth 5.1 for fast pairing and streaming from a wider distance, two passive radiators, a 2-inch full-range driver unit for clear and loud sound, and a hefty battery life of over 15 hours between charges. The speaker also boasts an IP67 rating, allowing you to use it in all conditions.

Grab the Motion Boom Plus at 22% off on Amazon

The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is 22% off at Amazon. This stunning speaker delivers 80W sound, has an IP67 rating, features a built-in power bank to charge your devices while you listen to your favorite jams, and has plenty of other cool features. Don't miss out on this limited-time deal and treat yourself to this wonderful speaker at this fantastic discount.

Get the JBL Pulse 5 at Amazon at 20% off!

Snag the JBL Pulse 5 at a $50 discount on Amazon. With outstanding sound, a captivating light show, and a robust IP67 dust and water resistance rating, this speaker gives you way more bang for your buck. So, don't waste time and snag one today!

Soundcore Motion 300: save 20% on Amazon

Hi-Res sound and Smart Tune technology make the Soundcore Motion 300 a true gem for music lovers. This speaker is small and offers an impressive (for its size) 13-hour playtime, plus it's now available at 20% off on Amazon for a limited time.

Amazon treats music lovers to a couple of popular Marshall speaker deals this week. The first one is for the super popular Emberton II, which is 29% off for a limited time. The Willen may be more suitable for users in search of smaller speakers that seamlessly fit inside backpacks. This one is now under the $80 mark. Another small-sized option is the Soundcore Motion 300, which boasts a 20% limited-time markdown.

And if you want a captivating light show to accommodate your favorite jams, consider the JBL Pulse 5. This one is on the slightly more expensive side, available at just under $200 at the e-commerce giant.

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