T-Mobile just can't stop mocking Verizon (aka Verwhyzon) over its 5G shenanigans

T-Mobile just can't stop mocking Verizon (aka Verwhyzon) over its 5G shenanigans
It's not easy to keep track of all the ways T-Mobile has mocked, verbally attacked, and poked fun at its "dumb and dumber" rivals over the years, but the "verHIDEzon" advertising campaign kicked off just a few months ago is pretty hard to forget. 

In a nutshell, Team Magenta basically founded a parody company inspired by Verizon's real-life 5G shenanigans, setting up everything from a "corporate website" to an official Twitter account to promote the verHIDEzon brand, which was even displayed on billboards and vans across the country alongside a humorous (although not very catchy) slogan.

Believe it or not, all that's changing now, as the "Un-carrier" is dumping even more money into taunting Big Red by rebranding verHIDEzon as "Verwhyzon." You have to admit that has a nicer ring to it, and the same goes for the new parody motto. "Because we can" actually sounds like something a massive corporation might use to connect with customers while trying to emphasize its grand and noble goals.

Of course, the idea in this particular case is to highlight just how little Verizon cares about its subscribers, doing everything it can to squeeze more money while offering worse services than the competition. Why limit 5G to outdoors? Or only give free Disney+ access for 12 months when T-Mo has no intention to put an end to its ongoing "Netflix on Us" promotion? Because they can.

Whether you're a T-Mobile or Verizon fan, you have to admit the former makes some good points in this very elaborate publicity stunt, including the point about Big Red's heavily trumpeted 5G speed tests, which are not really relevant for the overwhelming majority of its users. That's because, as T-Mo President of Technology Neville Ray emphasizes for the umpteenth time in an official new blog post, Verizon continues to "bet on the wrong horse" by insisting its 5G network is being "built right" on a blazing fast millimeter wave foundation.

The thing is this state-of-the-art technology can't provide coverage on par with its speed benefits, unlike the low-band spectrum T-Mobile has used to launch the first "nationwide" 5G network. This is nowhere near as fast as Big Red's 5G flavor, but it's easily accessible already, and when Sprint will finally be allowed to join forces with the "Un-carrier" to create a "New T-Mobile" operator, speeds are expected to improve shortly thanks to the "Now Network's" wealth of mid-band spectrum.

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