Is Samsung finally going to try a new design with the Galaxy S24?

The Galaxy S24 And S24 Plus To Use A Flat Middle-Frame
The image above shows the Meizu 20 and is for illustrative purposes only.

We have been learning a lot about Samsung's next flagship phone trio in the past month, even though there are still 5-6 months until the tech giant reveals the Galaxy S24 series. One of the most recent leaks had to the with the S24 Ultra's rumored titanium frame, which some how won't affect the phone's weight.

Now we have more frame-related news from the prolific leaker Ice Universe, however, this time we are talking about the regular Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Plus.

Non-Ultra Galaxy S24 models might get an updated look

Samsung has generally stuck to the same design when it comes to its flagship phone lineup, with a form reminiscent of a smooth pebble with curved edges. According to Ice Universe, however, that is about to change with the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, as both phones' frames are said to have flat sides.

Unlike Apple's iPhone, which has already changed from flat to curved to flat again, a flat frame would be a first for Samsung. Of course, the difference here is that the current iPhones have flat sides all around.

But wait, if the regular Galaxy S24 models are getting flat sides, isn't the Galaxy S24 Ultra getting them too? The leaker doesn't mention anything that hints at the future Ultra undergoing such a change, so we expect it to keep the same design as its predecessor, at leas for now.

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The most logical explanation for the S24 Ultra keeping the same frame design could be its curved display which would be difficult to keep if the sides became flat. The other two S24 models, on the other hand, have flat displays that allow for such a shift in their design.

Is going flat the right choice for the Galaxy S24?

History has shown us that the way a phone looks and feels is a completely subjective matter. Some dislike flat frames saying they feel uncomfortable in the hand, and others say they are better because it is easier to get a firm grip on the phone. There are also some arguments stating that it is easier to space out all of the components inside the device when it has a boxier shape.

Practical reasons aside, Samsung might be doing this simply to bring a fresh new look to its flagships. After all, the Galaxy S series has remained generally the same for years now, so it might do it some good to break away and try something new, especially now that upgrades have become somewhat incremental.

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