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Samsung Gear S3 deal brings 'open box' price down to $165 ($135 off list)

Samsung Gear S3 deal brings 'open box' price down to $165 ($135 off list)
Smartwatches are not only shaming smartphones with their global growth pace nowadays, also appearing to age more gracefully than even the best high-end handsets out there. Case in point, Samsung's 2016-released Gear S3, which continues to combine powerful hardware with silky smooth software to provide robust competition for the market-leading Apple Watch lineup at a great price.

Typically available starting at an arguably excessive $299.99, the Android and iOS-compatible Samsung Gear S3 currently fetches $199.99 and up on its manufacturer's official US website. That's already a pretty decent deal, but top-rated eBay seller Quick Ship Electronics takes things up a notch by charging a measly $164.99 for "open box" Gear S3 Frontier units.

The Frontier model, mind you, is slightly costlier than the Classic version at Samsung, going for $229.99 after a fresh batch of discounts, which makes this killer eBay deal that much more compelling. And although you don't get a standard manufacturer warranty included in your 165 bucks, Quick Ship Electronics promises to have you covered for a full year as far as functionality issues are concerned.

In case you're wondering, buying an open box product is obviously not the same as purchasing a similar item brand-new, but you probably don't have a lot to be worried about here. The devices on sale today are apparently as good as new, both functionally and cosmetically, powering on with their factory settings restored and including all original accessories (namely, a USB cable, genuine Samsung wireless charging dock, and even a spare band).

By the way, the 46mm Gear S3 Frontier comes with a robust stainless steel case and a black strap made from silicone and rubber, as well as a beautiful 1.3-inch AMOLED display with 360 x 360 resolution, a very convenient rotating bezel, built-in GPS support, a heart rate monitor, IP68 water resistance, and respectable battery life. In a nutshell, it can do everything the Apple Watch Series 4 is capable of (apart from making calls and saving lives) at a fraction of the price in combination with both iPhones and Android handsets.

Check out the deal here

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