These are the key specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

These are the key specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra
Just like last year (and the year before that), Samsung seems to be preparing the release of two different high-end smartwatches (not counting the entirely separate budget-friendly Galaxy Watch FE). What's changing (again) is the branding convention of the tech giant's main Apple Watch rivals, with 2024's more premium model looking all but guaranteed to replace the Classic and Pro labels of its forerunners with an Ultra moniker that makes its number one competitor very clear right off the bat.

Both the Galaxy Watch 7 and the Galaxy Watch Ultra (which will apparently not carry a digit in its official name after all) are in the spotlight today with the juiciest possible leak... after the Ultra's visual representation from a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it seems that the key features and characteristics of the two fast-approaching intelligent timepieces have made their way online straight from Samsung's internal servers in a few images that look as legit as these things come.

Anything special about the "regular" Galaxy Watch 7?

We'll be honest with you, the short answer to that question is... not much. Not at first glance, at least, and not as far as the information we currently have is concerned. What you need to understand is that the following specs may not tell the Galaxy Watch 7's full story, lacking, for instance, potentially crucial health monitoring and fitness tracking aspects.

Even though it's slim, there is a possibility that both the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be able to measure a wearer's blood sugar levels with little effort and no skin pricking, which could revolutionize the entire industry for millions and millions of people at risk of developing diabetes. In the absence of many details on such groundbreaking health tools and other sensors, here's what we know the Galaxy Watch 7 will offer at the moment:

  • 40 and 44mm case sizes;
  • Green and cream color options;
  • Armor Aluminum 2 body with Sapphire Crystal display protection;
  • 5ATM+IP68 water and dust resistance;
  • MIL-STD-810H durability;
  • 300mAh/425mAh battery capacity for 40 and 44mm variants;
  • 3nm processor;
  • 32GB internal storage;
  • 2000nits peak screen brightness;
  • Home and back button;
  • Bluetooth connectivity, optional 4G LTE.

So what exactly is new here? Basically, only the (unnamed) 3nm-based chip, which is most likely an Exynos W940 with improved raw power and energy efficiency compared to the W930 inside the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. Oh, and the 32 gigs of storage space, which will double down on what the Watch 7's predecessors offer in the same department. That's one important and one semi-important upgrade, which is not bad but also arguably not great for a new challenger to the best smartwatch throne.

What's so Ultra about the Galaxy Watch Ultra?

In short, pretty much everything. Yes, Samsung's first Ultra-branded wearable looks like it will absolutely live up to its name, surpassing the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in most major departments with these key specs and features:

  • 47mm case;
  • Titanium Gray, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Beige color options;
  • Titanium grade4 construction with Sapphire Crystal display;
  • 10ATM+IP68 water and dust resistance;
  • MIL-STD-810H durability;
  • 590mAh battery;
  • 3nm processor;
  • 32GB storage;
  • 3000nits peak screen brightness;
  • Quick button, home and back button;
  • Bluetooth + 4G LTE.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch 7, this totally badass-sounding Apple Watch Ultra alternative will apparently be larger, more colorful, tougher, brighter, and more water-resistant. That massive battery should also go nicely together with Samsung's frugal new Exynos processor to maximize the Galaxy Watch Ultra's endurance between charges, and as revealed in those recently leaked renders, this bad boy will feature an extra physical button compared to the Galaxy Watch 7, Watch 6, and Watch 6 Classic as well for an added touch of customization.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 owners and connoisseurs are likely to notice some very familiar details here, from the titanium build material to the single case size, top-notch water protection rating, that screen brightness number, and the absence of a Bluetooth-only variant. Of course, there's nothing wrong with finding inspiration in the (extremely well-reviewed) competition, especially if Samsung manages to price the Galaxy Watch Ultra a bit lower than its direct rival.

The Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra pricing and availability info is still under wraps for the time being, mind you, with an official announcement expected at a super-crowded Unpacked event next month. That means the price points could be (unofficially) revealed... practically any day now.

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