Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will reportedly look a lot like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will reportedly look a lot like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
In addition to its next-gen foldable phones and the next big Android-based iPad Pro alternatives, Samsung's upcoming sequels to the Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro have also been in the news a lot over the last few weeks despite undoubtedly being several months away from an official announcement.

But while we already (seem to) know quite a few (big and small) things about the Galaxy Watch 6 family, many key questions remain unanswered, starting with the number of different models Samsung might be working on and exactly how each of them will be called.

Galaxy Watch 6 Pro or Watch 6 Classic?

The point of origin of the current branding confusion is not hard to find, as Samsung inexplicably removed the fan-favorite rotating bezel feature from last year's Galaxy Watch 5 lineup. 

To help you easily distinguish the top-of-the-line member of this family from the 2021-released Galaxy Watch 4 Classic beaut, the company opted for a Watch 5 Pro rather than a Watch 5 Classic name. In a way, that was a very logical move, but now more and more rumors are calling for a rotating bezel comeback on a device possibly dubbed... Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

This is today tipped by the generally reliable Ice Universe to "regress" to "almost the same overall design" as the Watch 4 Classic, which is why previous speculation hinted at a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic moniker.

The Watch 6 Pro name is explicitly mentioned in Ice Universe's latest tweet on the matter, as is the return of the beloved rotating bezel functionality and the adoption of a "narrower border" than on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

You can thus basically expect the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro to strongly resemble the undeniably stylish Watch 4 Classic while reducing the screen bezel size to either be smaller overall or squeeze more usable display space into the same body. Both options sound extremely compelling, making for a design "regression" that we're sure many hardcore Samsung fans will support rather enthusiastically.

What about the "standard" Galaxy Watch 6?

Given that the Watch 5 is not that different from the Watch 4, the chances of seeing a radical redesign introduced with the non-Pro Watch 6 are... slim at best. 

On the decidedly bright side of things, Samsung's next candidate for the title of best budget smartwatch in the world is expected to improve both the raw power and battery life of its forerunners. Of course, the same is expected from the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro (or Watch 6 Classic), which definitely sounds like it might have everything it needs to jump to the very top of our list of the overall best smartwatches of 2023.

Another subtle but potentially important change could arrive to both main Galaxy Watch 6 variants in the form of curved glass, elevating two already sophisticated designs that many feel are far superior to what industry-leading Apple Watches offer from a cosmetic standpoint.

Unfortunately, there are no words yet on any groundbreaking new sensors or health monitoring tools finding their way inside the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Pro, although you clearly shouldn't rule out the possibility that the Exynos W920 SoC adoption is about more than just speed.

At the minimum, we hope to see Samsung's next-gen Wear OS smartwatches build on the skin temperature tracking technology of their predecessors, which continues to feel rudimentary and limited after a long overdue activation on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro last week.

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