These are the expected battery specs of the entire Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 family

These are the expected battery specs of the entire Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 family
What comes after last year's Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro and a 2021-released Galaxy Watch 4 duo composed of "standard" and Classic models? A 2023 family of Apple Watch-rivaling timepieces manufactured by Samsung consisting of Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic variants, apparently.

We're not entirely sure when the rumor mill settled on this purported composition for later this year, but SamMobile has already managed to discover the detailed battery capacity data for both those devices in two sizes each, which pretty much guarantees their existence (albeit not also their names).

Given how the cell numbers listed below compare to what the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro currently offer, however, it's relatively safe to assume we're not looking at a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro version here... just yet.

Decent upgrades are coming

If there's one (bad) thing that virtually all of the best smartwatches in the world have in common right now, that's definitely mediocre battery life (to say the least). While that's unlikely to change anytime soon, at least as far as Apple and Samsung's "mainstream" wearables are concerned, what the two industry leaders can certainly do is incrementally improve things year after year.

With that in mind, the following figures, while not exactly game-changing by any measure, look quite decent on paper... when put into the proper context. And the best way to do that is naturally to pit them against the Galaxy Watch 5 duo's battery specs, but also those of the Galaxy Watch 4 lineup:

  • Galaxy Watch 6 (40mm) - 300mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 6 (44mm) - 425mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (42mm) - 300mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (46mm) - 425mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) - 284mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 5 (44mm) - 410mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (45mm) - 590mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) - 247mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm) - 361mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (42mm) - 247mAh;
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm) - 361mAh.

So, no, Samsung's impending upgrades compared to the Galaxy Watch 5 are not incredibly substantial, circling the 5 percent mark. But the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic are likely to expand the battery capacity of 2021's Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic by around 20 percent in both small and large sizes, which is obviously nothing to sneeze at.

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Of course, there's also the super-premium Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (with no rotating bezel) to consider for the purposes of this sweeping comparison, which begs a very important question...

Will there be a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro as well?

While it's far too early to even try to answer that question with anything more than a minimal degree of confidence, what we can definitely say is that it would be a crying shame for Samsung to ditch its Pro smartwatch after one iteration.

One very well-reviewed iteration, mind you, which absolutely needs a sequel to better compete against the undoubtedly fast-approaching Apple Watch Series 9 for the title of most popular smartwatch around the globe.

Of course, we already know what device will win that trophy in late 2023 and early 2024, but an affordable Galaxy Watch 6 duo, a slightly costlier Galaxy Watch 6 Classic pair with a revived rotating bezel, and a presumably ultra-high-end Galaxy Watch 6 Pro with a fitting price tag could give Samsung a better chance than ever to close the gap to its arch-rival and undefeated heavyweight champion of the smartwatch world.

If it's indeed coming, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro might follow the examples of the Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic and improve the already colossal 590mAh battery capacity of the single-size Watch 5 Pro by 4 or 5 percent, ending with a 620mAh or so cell size that could deliver one of the absolute greatest endurance scores out there. Unfortunately, that's all wishful thinking for the time being, and we'll have to wait at least a while longer to see if our assumptions will prove close to the commercial reality.

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