Samsung has yet another snazzy flavor of the Galaxy Buds+ in the works

Samsung has yet another snazzy flavor of the Galaxy Buds+ in the works
It's pretty normal to constantly feel blue nowadays after being stuck at home for so long and forced to avoid all "non-essential" social interaction, but Samsung might have something in the pipeline to cheer you up if you dig the company's latest true wireless earbuds, as well as eye-catching colors. 

Commercially released a little over two months ago in white, "cosmic black", and "cloud blue" paint jobs, the Galaxy Buds+ quickly picked up an additional two hues, of which the snazzy red flavor saw daylight around the world, while the pink model was made available exclusively in South Korea.

That's already a far more diverse lineup than the AirPods "roster", which consists of a single white shade, and yet Samsung is apparently planning to further expand the family soon by adding a sixth member coated in a "Deep Blue" color. And that doesn't even include the special Thom Browne Edition of the second-gen Buds bundled as standard with the super-premium (and obscenely pricey) Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition.

Hopefully, the Deep Blue Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will not end up following the fate of their Thom Browne-branded or pink-coated siblings, sporting a much darker and arguably cooler shade than the aforementioned Cloud Blue variant in animations discovered by the eagle-eyed folks over at XDA-Developers in the newest version of the company's SmartThings app.

That essentially qualifies as official confirmation of this model's existence, although just because Samsung is exploring releasing the Galaxy Buds+ in yet another glorious color, that doesn't mean we'll get to purchase these bad boys anytime soon.

Since there's no word on availability, we're left anticipating a possible launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 sometime in August. After all, these would go great with a matching Note 20+ presumably following in the footsteps of last year's Aura Blue Note 10+. Of course, if that happens, we might have to wait a little longer for Samsung's redesigned Galaxy BudsX, aka "Bean Buds."

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