Jaw-dropping new report predicts Samsung's 'entry-level' 2024 foldable will cost 'less than $800'

Jaw-dropping new report predicts Samsung's 'entry-level' 2024 foldable will cost 'less than $800'
Even though two upcoming Samsung foldables appear to have leaked in all their glory already, a lot of confusion continues to surround a summer Unpacked event expected to take place in early July. That's because the world's second-largest smartphone vendor is likely to unveil more than two new foldable devices this time around, and the third such model remains a bit of a head-scratcher.

While many insiders believe the "standard" Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 will be joined by a budget-friendly Fold FE or Galaxy A-series variant of sorts, others have recently started to discuss the possibility of a Fold 6 Ultra beast coming soon instead.

The latest report out of Samsung's homeland (translated here) opens the door for a third theory we hadn't previously considered, keeping everything just vague enough for this rumor jamboree to become even more complicated.

Is a Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE or Galaxy Z Flip 6 FE in the pipeline?

Obviously, we can't answer that question with anything resembling a decent level of confidence, but both options seem to be on the table for the time being. Korean media expects Samsung's unnamed "entry-level foldable phone" this year to come with "lower" processor, display, and battery specifications compared to current "flagship products" while keeping the camera system at a "flagship level."

That sounds largely similar to what other sources anticipated for the aforementioned Fold FE in the past, but believe it or not, this "entry-level foldable" is now tipped to start at a much lower price point than the $1,800 Galaxy Z Fold 5.

We're talking a potential sub-$800 tag here, which feels more like Flip FE territory. The Galaxy Z Flip 5, remember, costs $1,000 and up, so a $200 or $300 reduction for a lower-end Fan Edition model is definitely not impossible to pull off.

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Then again, the Z Flip 5 has been temporarily discounted to $800 just a couple of months after its commercial debut... and again on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That would make a $700 or $800 Galaxy Z Flip 6 FE feel kind of redundant and really not-that-special, so perhaps Samsung is considering an ultra-affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE after all.

Wait, what was that about the "flagship" cameras?

It's true, the newest expectation is that Samsung's "entry-level" foldable will not cut any corners in the camera department... compared to the company's existent high-end foldables. So, no, there's obviously no chance of seeing a Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE released with the same 200MP primary shooter as the non-foldable S24 Ultra flagship.

A Fan Edition foldable with either the same 50 + 10 + 12MP triple camera setup as the Z Fold 5 or the dual 12MP snappers of the Z Flip 5 is however a definite maybe, and that's enough to make us happy for today.

Everything else about this mystery budget-friendly foldable is likely to be downgraded, mind you, which is... hardly surprising given that rumored starting price of "less than $800."

If Samsung is truly attempting to make a lower-end Z Fold-style handset with such a lower price point than the premium Fold 5 happen, you should probably expect major compromises in the aforementioned processor, display, and battery departments.

We might be talking about a mid-range Exynos chip, reduced screen real estate both on the inside and the outside of the fold, and reduced battery capacity to go with everything else. Those are mere guesses on our part, of course, and we still don't see how Samsung could go from $1,800 to "less than $800" even if all of that materializes. But let's just say we're cautiously excited about the way this story will develop in the next few months.

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