The fantastic Razr+ (2023) remains $350 cheaper and at its best price on Amazon

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The fantastic Razr+ (2023) remains $350 cheaper and at its best price on Amazon
The new flashy Razr+ (2024) has been announced and will soon go on pre-order. But let's face it: discounts with no trade-ins or carrier plans are unlikely to happen any time soon. Fortunately, Amazon still offers the incredible Razr+ (2023) for $350 off its price tag, which is also its highest discount to date.

Save $350 on the Motorola Razr+ (2023)

The Motorola Razr+ (2023) remains at its best price on Amazon. The phone still sells for 35% off its MSRP, giving you $350 in savings. At that price, it's a dream come true for any flip phone enthusiast. Don't miss out!

There's no denying that the new Razr+ (2024) comes with upgrades on all fronts. But the 2023-released model is just as exciting. Plus, at $350 off its MSRP of roughly $1,000, it gives you plenty of value for your money. As we mentioned, this huge 35% discount hasn't been topped so far. The deal first went live several weeks ago, but it might not remain up for grabs much longer. So, don't sleep on it and act while you still can!

The Razr+ (2023) has none other than the Galaxy Z Flip 5 as its main competitor. However, the Motorola phone beats Samsung's flip perfection on several fronts. The most significant difference between these two lies in the cover screen.

While the Samsung phone has a 3.4-inch Flex Screen that allows access to different widgets, the Razr+ (2023) features a fully functioning 3.6-inch OLED cover screen with up to 165Hz refresh rates. As we've mentioned in our Z Flip 5 review, it's actually possible to run apps on the cover screen, but you need the Samsung Good Lock app for that purpose.

The main OLED screen on the Motorola handset is just as gorgeous, by the way. It measures 6.9 inches and supports up to 165Hz refresh rates, giving you a buttery-smooth scrolling experience. Under the hood, you have a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip doing some magic, which pairs nicely with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of built-in storage for smooth sailing.

While the Z Flip 5 has a slightly better camera, the Moto device takes great photos nonetheless. You have a 12MP wide and a 13MP ultra-wide sensor, complemented by a 32MP front camera. The Razr+ (2023) additionally has a bigger battery than its main rival, boasting a 3,800mAh battery with 30W wired charging.

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There's no need to beat around the bush: the Razr+ (2023) rightfully wins in the PhoneArena Awards (2023) as the best flip phone. If you've always wanted to give it a try, now's the time to get it at its best price!

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